Unpacking the Airplane Dress Code: Navigating Comfort, Style, and Respect in the Skies!

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Unpacking the Airplane Dress Code: Navigating Comfort, Style, and Respect in the Skies!Ever wondered if you could rock those cozy pajamas on your next red-eye? Or if that sleek blazer would earn you an upgrade? Then this blog post is your boarding pass to understanding the airplane dress code! From casual travel comfort to the high-flying fashion runway, we have your style needs covered.


  • Most travelers (87% according to Cheapflights.com) believe airlines should enforce a dress code.
  • Etiquette matters even at 35,000 feet. Dressing appropriately shows respect to your fellow passengers.
  • Despite opinions, airlines have relaxed dress codes in recent years. Casual wear like leggings and hoodies are more accepted now.

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The Evolution of Airplane Attire: From Sky-high Glamour to Down-to-earth Comfort

Once upon a time, flying was a glamorous affair. Now, it’s a different story. The main aim? Comfort. This has been an apparent trend, even though according to a survey by Cheapflights.com, 87% of passengers think there should be a dress code. Yes, leggings, sneakers, and hoodies have taken over the in-flight fashion scene.

But as etiquette expert Jacqueline Whitmore puts it, “When you’re flying, you’re in a public space and you’re sharing that space with other people. So, it’s important to be respectful of other passengers and dress appropriately.”

Striking the Balance: Merging Comfort with Respect

While airlines may be relaxing their regulations, passengers aren’t. Here are some savvy tips to keep your airplane outfit stylish, respectful, and cozy:

  • Layer Up: Planes can switch between being cold as ice to a mini desert. Dress in layers to maintain a comfortable temperature.
  • Choose Breathable Fabrics: Opt for natural materials like cotton or linen. They breathe better and will make your journey more comfortable.
  • Avoid Offensive Prints and Slogans: Remember, you’re sharing the space with others. Avoid clothing that could potentially offend your fellow passengers.

The Erickson Insider Tips: Elevating Your In-Flight Style

Kevin Erickson, your dedicated travel journalist, shares his secret insider tips to elevate your airplane look:

  • Sneakers over Sandals: Airlines often overbook and bags are stowed in overhead compartments. Wear sneakers for easy mobility.
  • Ditch the Belt: Avoid the inconvenience of removing it at the security check.
  • Invest in Noise-canceling Headphones: Not exactly a fashion tip, but it’s an essential accessory to deal with in-flight noise.

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What can I wear on a long flight? Think comfort! Opt for loose, breathable clothes. Layers are also a great idea, as the plane’s temperature can vary.

Are there explicit dress codes on planes? Most airlines don’t have explicit dress codes. However, they reserve the right to deny boarding to passengers who are dressed inappropriately or whose attire may offend other passengers.

Can I wear flip-flops on a plane? While not prohibited, closed-toe shoes are recommended for safety reasons and to keep your feet warm in cold airplane cabins.

What should I avoid wearing on a plane? Avoid tight clothing, high heels, excessive jewelry, or anything with offensive prints or slogans.

Are hoodies acceptable on planes? Yes, hoodies are generally accepted. They are part of the casual attire that has become common on flights in recent years.

Can I be denied boarding due to my outfit? Yes, airlines reserve the right to deny boarding if your outfit is considered inappropriate or offensive.

Are leggings and yoga pants acceptable on a flight? Yes, in recent years, airlines have relaxed their dress codes, allowing passengers to wear more casual attire, including leggings and yoga pants.

What should children wear on a plane? Comfort is the key. Dress your child in layers so you can adjust their outfit to the cabin temperature. Also, slip-on shoes are handy for quick removal during security checks.

Are there special considerations for dressing on an international flight? International flights are usually longer, so prioritize comfort. Also, consider the cultural norms and customs of the country you’re visiting while choosing your attire.


Ultimately, the airplane dress code comes down to balance. Respecting the shared public space while maintaining your personal comfort is key. So, on your next trip, remember to pack a sense of fashion alongside that sense of adventure.

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