Unlock the Sky-High Perks: Airplane Window Seat Benefits Revealed

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Discover the perks of snagging an airplane window seat!

Are you always torn between choosing an aisle or a window seat on a flight? Let’s dive into the amazing advantages of airplane window seats that make your journeys more enjoyable and healthier! Discover why more travelers are opting for window seats and how you can maximize your in-flight experience.


  • Window seats reduce the risk of contracting illnesses during flights
  • Enhance your travel experience with stunning aerial views
  • Experience more privacy, control, and comfort
  • Understand why 64% of travelers prefer window seats
  • Get insider tips and secrets from seasoned travelers

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Window Seats: The Healthy and Scenic Choice

Flying Healthier: Reduced Risk of In-Flight Illnesses

When it comes to health benefits, the airplane window seat is a clear winner. According to a study by Emirates, passengers seated in window seats are less likely to contract illnesses during a flight compared to those seated in aisle seats. With fewer people in close proximity and less exposure to germs, window seats are the way to go for a healthier flight experience.

A Visual Treat: Scenic Views from Above

One of the most obvious airplane window seat benefits is the unparalleled view of the skies and landscapes below. Gazing out at the breathtaking scenery is not only visually appealing but also provides a soothing and relaxing experience for passengers. The captivating sights make long flights more enjoyable and help pass the time.

Revel in the Privacy and Comfort of Window Seats

Travel blogger, Nomadic Matt, says, “Window seats offer a sense of privacy and control, allowing passengers to lean against the wall and sleep comfortably without being disturbed by other passengers or flight attendants.” As a window seat passenger, you have the freedom to sleep or relax without any interruptions, making your flight more restful and comfortable.

The Window Seat Trend: Why 64% of Travelers Prefer It

As more and more passengers discover the perks of airplane window seats, the trend has been steadily growing. According to a survey by Expedia, 64% of travelers prefer to choose a window seat when flying. This preference can be attributed to several factors that contribute to a more enjoyable and comfortable flight experience.

Escaping the Bustle of the Aisle

Window seat passengers are not subjected to the constant foot traffic and bustle of the aisle, providing them with a more peaceful and undisturbed flight experience. Aisle seat passengers often have to deal with flight attendants and fellow passengers moving around, which can be particularly bothersome during long flights or when trying to sleep.

Increased Storage Space

Many travelers appreciate the extra storage space that window seats provide. The area beneath the window and the side of the aircraft can be used to store personal items, such as bags, jackets, or pillows, making the space feel less cramped and more organized.

Reduced Motion Sickness

For travelers prone to motion sickness, window seats can help alleviate symptoms by providing a fixed point of reference. Gazing at the horizon can help passengers maintain their sense of balance, reducing the likelihood of motion sickness during turbulence or takeoff and landing.

Avoiding Unwanted Conversations

Some passengers prefer the solitude and quiet that window seats offer. Sitting by the window allows passengers to avoid unwanted conversations with chatty seatmates, enabling them to focus on their thoughts, read a book, or work on a laptop without distractions.

Personalizing the Environment

Window seat passengers have control over the window shade, allowing them to adjust the natural light entering the cabin. This feature is particularly beneficial for those who want to sleep or watch a movie on their devices without glare.

In conclusion, the growing trend of choosing window seats is not surprising given the numerous benefits they offer. From escaping the bustle of the aisle to increased storage space, reduced motion sickness, and the ability to personalize their environment, it’s no wonder that 64% of travelers are opting for window seats to enhance their in-flight experience.

Kevin Erickson’s Insider Tips for Maximizing Window Seat Benefits

  1. Early booking: Secure your preferred window seat by booking your flight well in advance.
  2. Seat selection: Opt for a window seat on the side of the plane with the best views depending on your flight route.
  3. Comfort accessories: Bring a neck pillow and a light blanket for added comfort during your flight.
  4. Entertainment: Capture breathtaking views and share them on social media or use them as a backdrop for a relaxing in-flight meditation session.

Conclusion: Elevate Your In-Flight Experience with Window Seats

From better health prospects to picturesque views, increased privacy, and comfort, airplane window seat benefits truly elevate your travel experience. Join the 64% of travelers who prefer window seats and enjoy the sky-high perks on your next journey. With Kevin Erickson’s insider tips, you can make the most of your window seat and create unforgettable travel memories.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are window seats safer than aisle seats?

While there is no definitive answer to this question, window seats do offer some advantages when it comes to health, as they expose passengers to fewer germs than aisle seats. However, safety during a flight depends on various factors, and no seat can guarantee absolute safety.

How can I ensure I get a window seat on my flight?

Book your flight early and use the airline’s seat selection tool to choose a window seat. If you’re booking through a travel agent, let them know your preference for a window seat.

Which side of the plane has the best views?

The side with the best views depends on your flight route and the direction of travel. Research your destination and consider factors like sun position and landmarks to determine which side of the plane will offer the most stunning views.

Are there any downsides to choosing a window seat?

Some passengers may find it inconvenient to have to ask other passengers to move when they need to get up from their window seat. Additionally, window seats can be a bit more cramped than aisle seats, which might be uncomfortable for taller or larger passengers.

Do window seats cost more than aisle seats?

It depends on the airline and booking class. Some airlines may charge a fee for seat selection, while others may include the cost of seat selection in the ticket price. Check with your airline for specific details on seat selection fees.

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