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Planning a trip? Thinking about how you’ll navigate around your destination? Often, the journey is as crucial as the destination, especially when you’re exploring unknown terrains. But with so many car rental options available, how do you pick the best one?


Your Ultimate Guide to Car Rentals

Enterprise: Leading the Pack

Based on a survey by J.D. Power in 2020, Enterprise stole the show as the highest-ranked car rental company in terms of customer satisfaction. And guess what? It wasn’t their first time. It was the sixth year in a row! Their exceptional service might be the reason your neighbor won’t stop raving about them. So, when in doubt, you know where to start.

Why Advanced Booking is Your Best Friend

Let’s get real. Procrastination may work in other areas, but when it comes to car rentals, you’d better step on the gas (pun intended!). A golden nugget from the experts: book as early as you can. Why? Prices can shoot up as your travel date nears, especially during peak seasons. And trust us; you don’t want to be that person stranded at the airport scanning through expensive last-minute deals.

Quoting the Maestros

Rick Seaney, CEO of FareCompare, once insightfully remarked, “Renting a car is often a necessity, not a choice. The trick is to pay as little as possible, while avoiding potential pitfalls that could drive up your costs.” So, heed the wisdom and avoid those potholes, both literally and figuratively!

The Unsung Benefits of Loyalty Programs

If you’ve ever wondered why some travelers seem to get the best cars or get upgraded often, here’s their secret: Loyalty Programs. Many car rental companies offer rewards programs where you accumulate points for every booking. Over time, these points can translate into free rental days, upgrades, and other exclusive benefits. And the best part? Joining these programs is typically free!

Seasonal Offers: Timing Matters!

While we’ve already talked about the importance of early bookings, there’s another trick to get the best rates – leveraging seasonal offers. Car rental companies often roll out promotions during specific seasons or holidays. For instance, a winter deal might get you a discount on SUVs perfect for snowy adventures. Keeping an eye on such offers can help you snag a fantastic deal.

Understanding the Fine Print: Fuel Policies

Ever returned a car and got hit with an unexpected fuel charge? It happens more often than you’d think. Each rental company has its fuel policy. Some expect the car to be returned with a full tank, while others might provide a car with a half tank and expect it returned the same way. Understanding this in advance can save you from unexpected surprises at the end of your trip. Pro tip: Refilling the tank yourself is almost always cheaper than the refueling service offered by rental companies.

Flora’s Insider Tips

Between you and me, Flora Goodwin has been on the road more than she’s been off it. Here are some of her exclusive, lesser-known tidbits:

  • Always inspect the car before driving off. Take photos as proof!
  • Steer clear from renting cars at airports – they usually have higher fees.
  • Weekday rentals? Often cheaper than weekends. Plan accordingly.

Conclusion: Gearing up for the Ride

Car rentals don’t have to be confusing or costly. With the right info and a tad bit of planning, you can cruise smoothly, ensuring your journey is every bit as pleasant as your destination. So, gear up, plan your ride, and let the road lead you to adventures unknown!


1. Which company is best for car rentals?

Based on J.D. Power’s 2020 survey, Enterprise has consistently ranked top in customer satisfaction for six years.

2. How early should I book a car rental?

The earlier, the better! Prices can surge as the rental date approaches, especially during high travel seasons.

3. Any tips to get a cheaper car rental?

Consider booking on weekdays, avoid airport rentals due to extra fees, and always compare prices before booking.

4. What should I check before renting a car?

Always inspect the car thoroughly, check for any existing damages, and take photos as evidence.

5. Is insurance necessary when renting a car?

It’s always a good idea to have insurance for peace of mind. However, your existing car insurance or credit card benefits might already cover rentals.

6. Any hidden fees I should be wary of?

Always check for additional fees, like late return fees, fuel charges, and airport surcharges.


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