The Ultimate Traveler’s Guide: Best Transport Type by Countries

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The Ultimate Traveler's Guide: Best Transport Type by CountriesCan’t decide whether to travel by rail, road, or waterways during your global expedition? You’re not alone. Every experienced globetrotter has wrestled with this dilemma before setting foot on foreign lands. The world’s transportation panorama is diverse, and your choice of travel mode can significantly impact your overall travel experience.


  • Japan leads the world in rail usage with 7,095 rail passenger kilometers per capita.
  • Over 27% of all trips in the Netherlands are made by bicycle.
  • Multimodal transport systems, with public transportation at the core, are the future of urban mobility.
  • Different countries excel in different modes of transportation.
  • Each mode of transportation offers unique travel experiences and insights into a country’s culture and lifestyle.

Navigating the Rails in JapanNavigating the Rails in Japan

Japan takes the crown for the most extensive use of rail transportation, with an impressive 7,095 rail passenger-kilometers per capita according to World Bank data. Train travel in Japan is more than just a means of getting around; it’s a cultural experience in itself. The Shinkansen (Bullet Train) and the picturesque local trains offer a window into the perfect blend of Japan’s modernity and tradition.

Cycling through the Dutch Landscape

Contrary to the worldwide car-centric transport culture, the Netherlands paints a rather distinct picture. More than a quarter of all trips in this flat, scenic country are made by bicycle. The extensive cycling infrastructure, coupled with the country’s eco-conscious mindset, makes cycling the best way to experience the true Dutch lifestyle.

The Future of Urban Mobility

Public transportation lies at the heart of the future of urban mobility. As former Commissioner of the New York City Department of Transportation Janette Sadik-Khan rightly said, “The future of urban mobility is multi-modal, with public transportation at its core. The best transport systems are those that allow people to seamlessly switch between modes of travel, whether it’s walking, cycling, or taking public transport”.

The American Highway Experience

No conversation about transportation is complete without mentioning the great American road trip. The vast network of Interstates and scenic routes offer the opportunity to explore the rich diversity of landscapes, cultures, and cuisines that the U.S. is famous for. If exploring on your terms is your style, hitting the open road in the U.S. is the way to go.

Exploring Italy by VaporettoExploring Italy by Vaporetto

Imagine drifting through the serene waterways of Venice, gliding past centuries-old buildings, under elegant bridges, and absorbing the city’s ageless charm. Italy’s vaporettos, or water buses, offer just that experience. While this mode of transport might seem unusual, in Venice, it’s the best way to travel and truly experience the city’s essence. Plus, it’s a great way to avoid the notorious Italian traffic!

Tuk-Tuk Adventures in ThailandTuk-Tuk Adventures in Thailand

While in Thailand, a tuk-tuk ride is an absolute must. These small, motorized rickshaws are a popular mode of transport in many Asian countries. They can navigate through traffic easily, making them a convenient choice in bustling cities like Bangkok. Although not the most comfortable, a tuk-tuk ride is a thrilling experience that provides a close-up view of the Thai street life.

Dog Sledding in GreenlandDog Sledding in Greenland

If you’re seeking an unconventional yet unforgettable journey, then dog sledding in Greenland is for you. This mode of transport, used by the Inuit for centuries, is not only practical in the snowy terrain but also an adventure in itself. The feeling of being pulled by a pack of hard-working huskies through the pristine Arctic wilderness is simply indescribable.

Frequently Asked Questions

What’s the best way to travel around Japan?

Traveling by rail is the best way to get around Japan, thanks to the country’s extensive and efficient rail network.

Is cycling a popular mode of transportation in the Netherlands?

Yes, cycling is incredibly popular in the Netherlands, with over 27% of all trips made by bicycle.

What’s the future of urban mobility?

The future of urban mobility is multi-modal, emphasizing public transportation, walking, and cycling.

What’s the iconic mode of transportation in the U.S.?

Road travel, particularly road trips along the scenic highways, is an iconic American travel experience.

What factors should I consider when choosing a mode of transport in a foreign country?

You should consider the country’s transport infrastructure, safety, costs, your comfort, and the unique experiences that the mode of transport can offer.

What’s a unique mode of transport in Italy?

In Venice, Italy, vaporettos or water buses are a unique and popular mode of transport.

Is a tuk-tuk ride worth it in Thailand?

Yes, a tuk-tuk ride in Thailand offers a unique, close-up view of Thai street life and is a thrilling experience.

Can you travel by dog sled in Greenland?

Yes, dog sledding is a traditional mode of transport in Greenland, especially during the winter months.

How does the mode of transport enhance the travel experience?

The mode of transport offers insights into a country’s culture, history, and lifestyle, and can significantly enhance the overall travel experience.


Transportation is not just about getting from point A to point B. It’s an integral part of the travel experience that offers insights into a country’s culture, history, and lifestyle. Whether it’s the efficiency of Japan’s rail system, the bike-friendly Netherlands, the thrilling tuk-tuks of Thailand, or the traditional dog sledding in Greenland-every mode of transport tells a unique story. So, next time you travel, choose your mode of transport wisely. It might just become the highlight of your trip!

Choosing the best transport type by countries is a subjective decision. It depends on the individual traveler’s preferences, the country’s transport infrastructure, and the unique experiences each mode of transport offers. But remember, every journey begins with a single step-or pedal, or gear shift, depending on your chosen mode of transport!

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