Catch Some Z’s at 30,000 Feet: Can You Bring a Blanket on a Plane?

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Catch Some Z's at 30,000 Feet: Can You Bring a Blanket on a Plane?Have you ever thought about bringing your favorite blanket on a plane? Maybe you’ve been in a chilly cabin, watching a movie, wishing you could wrap yourself up in your own personal snuggly warmth. Yet, you’re left asking, “Can I actually bring a blanket on a plane?” Don’t fret! We’ve got you covered, quite literally.


  • Passengers are allowed to bring blankets on planes, according to the TSA.
  • Blankets need to be folded and stowed either in a carry-on bag or under the seat.
  • Most airlines provide blankets during the flight, but your own may be comfier.

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Unraveling the Mystery: Can You Really Bring a Blanket on a Plane?

The answer to this question is a resounding yes. The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) actually encourages it! However, there’s a small catch. The blanket needs to be folded and placed in a carry-on bag or slid under the seat in front of you. This is a safety measure to ensure clear pathways during takeoff and landing.

According to USA Today, “Airlines generally allow passengers to bring blankets on board, but they must be stowed away during takeoff and landing.”

Benefits of Bringing Your Own Blanket

You might ask, “But don’t airlines provide blankets?” Yes, they do, but bringing your own blanket has several advantages:

  • Comfort: Your own blanket could be much more comfortable than the thin ones provided on planes.
  • Hygiene: You know exactly where your blanket has been.
  • Warmth: Not all airline blankets are created equal. Yours might be warmer.

How to Choose the Perfect Travel Blanket

When you’re picking a travel blanket, consider these factors:

  • Size: It should be large enough to keep you warm, yet small enough to fit under the seat.
  • Material: Go for a breathable fabric to avoid overheating.
  • Ease of Transport: Consider a blanket with a carrying case or one that folds into a pillow.

Insider Tips for Bringing a Blanket on a Plane

As an experienced traveler, here are my tips:

  • Avoid bulky blankets: A sleek throw might serve you better than your plush duvet from home.
  • Pack smart: If your blanket is too large to fit under the seat, try compressing it in a vacuum seal bag.
  • Mind the rules: Ensure your blanket is stowed away during takeoff and landing.

Wrapping Up

The next time you’re packing for a flight, don’t forget to add a blanket to your list. Not only will you have a cozy journey, but you’ll also arrive at your destination well-rested and ready for adventure!

Why Airlines Encourage You to Bring Your Own Blanket

It’s an interesting question: Why would airlines encourage passengers to bring their own blankets? You might think it would just add to the clutter. However, it’s really a matter of practicality and customer satisfaction. Airlines understand that having a blanket can make for a much more comfortable journey, especially on long-haul flights.

Also, let’s not forget the current global situation. With heightened hygiene measures, airlines are reducing non-essential contact points between staff and passengers. Hence, having your own blanket decreases the need for interaction.

Bringing a Blanket on a Plane: The Do’s and Don’ts

Like with everything else, there are a few etiquettes and rules to follow when bringing a blanket on a plane.


  • Do check the size of your blanket: It should fit within your carry-on luggage or easily under the seat.
  • Do stow away your blanket during takeoff and landing: This is for safety reasons and is a rule applied by most airlines.


  • Don’t leave your blanket out during meal service: Be considerate and clear up your space when meals are being served.
  • Don’t use large or bulky blankets: They can be inconvenient for both you and other passengers.

Alternative Options: Travel-Friendly Blankets

If your favorite blanket at home is too large or heavy to bring on the plane, don’t worry. There are numerous travel-friendly blanket options in the market that are compact, lightweight, and cozy. Some even come with convenient carrying cases and double as pillows or neck rests, providing you with the ultimate travel comfort package.

Stay Warm, Stay Cozy

To wrap it up, bringing a blanket on a plane can significantly enhance your travel experience. It ensures comfort, warmth, and hygiene, letting you arrive at your destination refreshed and ready to explore. Happy travels, and stay cozy!

Ways to Make Your In-Flight Experience More Comfortable

Besides bringing your own blanket, there are other ways to make your journey at 30,000 feet a lot more comfortable. Here are a few tips from your seasoned traveler, Kevin:

  • Travel Pillow: The right travel pillow can make a world of difference in getting some rest during the flight.
  • Hydrate: Air in the cabin can be quite dry, so drinking plenty of water can help keep you feeling fresh.
  • Layer Up: Wearing comfortable, layered clothing allows you to adjust to changing temperatures.
  • Noise-Canceling Headphones: These are a game changer if you’re seated near a crying baby or a chatty passenger.
  • Eye Mask: An eye mask can help shut out the cabin lights and promote better sleep.


  1. Can you bring a blanket on a plane? Yes, you can. However, it needs to be stowed away during takeoff and landing.

  2. Do airlines provide blankets? Yes, most airlines do provide blankets. However, bringing your own might be more comfortable.

  3. What kind of blanket should I bring on a plane? Choose a compact, breathable blanket that can easily fit under the seat.

  4. Are there restrictions on the size of the blanket you can bring on a plane? Generally, there are no strict size restrictions. However, your blanket should fit either in your carry-on bag or under the seat in front of you.

  5. Are there any specific materials for blankets that are not allowed on planes? No specific materials are prohibited. However, it’s advisable to opt for a blanket made of breathable fabric to prevent overheating.

  6. Can I use my blanket at all times during the flight? Yes, you can use your blanket during the flight. However, it must be stowed away during takeoff and landing for safety reasons.

  7. What should I do if my blanket does not fit under the seat? If your blanket does not fit under the seat, it’s recommended to pack it in your carry-on bag. Alternatively, consider investing in a travel-friendly blanket.

  8. Can I use the blanket provided by the airlines during takeoff and landing? No, all blankets must be stowed away during takeoff and landing, regardless of whether they are personal or provided by the airlines.

  9. What other items can make my in-flight experience more comfortable? Items like a travel pillow, noise-canceling headphones, an eye mask, and comfortable clothing can make your journey more enjoyable.

  10. What should I do if I forget to bring a blanket? Most airlines provide blankets, especially on longer flights. Alternatively, you could use a large scarf or a jacket as a makeshift blanket.

The Final Takeaway

To blanket or not to blanket, that was the question! But we’ve learned that not only can you bring a blanket on a plane, but doing so can have a plethora of advantages. So, on your next flight, don’t leave comfort up in the air. Pack your blanket, snuggle up, and travel with ease.

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