Jet-Setting With Your Jungle: Can You Take Plants on a Plane?

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Jet-Setting With Your Jungle: Can You Take Plants on a Plane?Imagine this: you’re in a picturesque plant nursery in a quaint little town you’re visiting, and you’ve just found the perfect Fiddle-Leaf Fig tree or perhaps a succulent to add to your collection. The only problem? You’re not sure if you can take your newly found green treasure back home on the plane. This is a common travel quandary that many plant enthusiasts face. But don’t fret! There’s more good news than you might think!


  • Plants can be taken on planes if they aren’t on the TSA’s prohibited items list and don’t exceed carry-on size limits.
  • Traveling with plants is quite popular, with 30% of plant-owning Americans bringing them on planes.
  • Careful packing and awareness of airline and federal regulations are essential for plant travel.

Soaring Skies with Your Botanical Buddies: The Lowdown

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) allows passengers to bring plants on planes as long as they’re not on the list of prohibited items and don’t exceed the carry-on baggage size limit. As Dr. Leonard Perry, Horticulture Professor at the University of Vermont, says, “Plants are a great way to add some life to your travels, and they can also help purify the air on the plane.” Indeed, a survey by the National Gardening Association shows that 30% of American plant owners who travel with their plants bring them aboard planes.

Points to Ponder Before Packing Your PlantPoints to Ponder Before Packing Your Plant

Check TSA and Airline Regulations: Verify the plant species isn’t on the TSA’s prohibited list and check your airline’s specific plant policies.

Size Matters: Ensure your plant fits within the carry-on baggage size limit.

Pack Like a Pro: Wrap your plant carefully to prevent damage and potential soil spillages.

A Green Traveler’s Guide: Step-by-step Plant Packing

Water Your Plant: Give your plant a good drink a few hours before packing.

Wrap the Pot: Cover the soil with a plastic bag and secure it with a rubber band.

Shield Your Plant: Use bubble wrap or newspaper to safeguard your plant from rough handling.

Traveling With Plants: Tips from the Trenches

Save the Soil: Some airlines may raise issues about the soil, so consider replacing it with a more TSA-friendly substitute like coconut coir.

Check State Laws: Certain states have strict agricultural laws, so confirm whether your plant is allowed before traveling.

Be Ready for Inspection: Be prepared for TSA agents to inspect your plant.

Travel Hacks for Plant Parents: Going the Extra Mile

As an experienced travel journalist and plant enthusiast, Flora Goodwin would never leave her plant babies behind. Here are her insider tips and tricks for seamless plant travel:

Container Swap: Opt for a lighter and less fragile container for your plant for the journey. Think plastic instead of ceramic or terracotta.

Size Down: If possible, consider taking cuttings or a smaller version of your plant instead of the entire thing. This is easier to manage and less likely to raise eyebrows at the airport security check.

Overnight Shipping: When all else fails, consider shipping your plants via a reliable overnight courier service. This may help avoid unnecessary airport stress and ensure your plant arrives safely at your doorstep.

The Joys of Traveling with Plants: Plant Parenthood on the Go

Taking your plants along on your journeys can not only give you a sense of home but also spark conversations with fellow passengers and even the flight crew. Plus, they make your travel photos extra Instagram-worthy! Remember, Dr. Leonard Perry notes, “Plants are a great way to add some life to your travels, and they can also help purify the air on the plane.” So, not only are you adding to your joy, but you’re also contributing to cleaner air in the plane cabin!


Can all kinds of plants be taken on a plane?

Not all plants can be taken on a plane. It’s best to check with TSA and airline regulations, as well as state laws, regarding the transport of specific plant species.

How should I pack my plants for a flight?

Packing involves watering your plant, wrapping the pot and soil in a plastic bag, and shielding the plant with bubble wrap or newspaper for protection.

What should I do if the soil in the plant pot is an issue?

If soil is an issue, consider replacing it with TSA-friendly substitutes like coconut coir.

What if my plant exceeds the carry-on size limit?

If your plant exceeds the carry-on size limit, you may have to ship it separately or consider leaving it behind.

Are there any potential issues I could face while traveling with plants?

Yes, you could face issues with TSA inspections, soil concerns, and strict agricultural laws in certain states. Be prepared and informed to navigate these situations.

How do I manage watering my plant during the journey?

Water your plant a few hours before packing. It should hold up well for the duration of the flight. For longer trips, you might consider a self-watering pot.

Can I take seeds on a plane instead of a full-grown plant?

Yes, taking seeds on a plane is generally allowed and can be much more convenient than a full-grown plant. Do check with the TSA’s prohibited list and your airline’s policies.

What if my plant needs sunlight during the travel?

Plants can generally tolerate a short period without sunlight. For travel, keep them in a well-ventilated and light-protected area. Once at your destination, expose them to sunlight as per their needs.

End Note: Embracing the Green Side of Travel

Traveling with plants doesn’t have to be a herculean task. With careful planning, the right knowledge, and a bit of travel-savvy, you can enjoy jet-setting with your green companions.

Not only will this add a unique dimension to your travels, but it will also help spread the love for plants and the joy they bring. So, next time you find that perfect plant while vacationing, you’ll know exactly what to do. Here’s to safe and green travels!

The Thrill of Traveling with Plants: Conclusion

Traveling with plants can be a delightful experience if you know the ropes. By staying informed about TSA and airline regulations and packing your plants carefully, you can enrich your travels with some photosynthetic friends. So go ahead and make your flights a little greener!


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