The Ultimate Guide to Airplane Amenity Kits: Fly in Style and Comfort

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The Ultimate Guide to Airplane Amenity Kits: Fly in Style and ComfortIs there anything more luxurious than unwrapping a carefully curated amenity kit on a long-haul flight? These little packages of comfort can make all the difference when you’re thousands of feet in the air. But with so many options out there, which airline offers the best kits, and what should you expect to find inside? We’ve got you covered in our in-depth guide to airplane amenity kits!


  • Airplane amenity kits can make or break your in-flight experience
  • 85% of travelers consider amenity kits important when choosing an airline
  • Airlines use amenity kits to differentiate themselves and create memorable experiences
  • We explore the history, contents, and best kits available on today’s flights

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A Brief History of Airplane Amenity Kits

Believe it or not, amenity kits have been around since the 1950s! Trans World Airlines (TWA) was the first to introduce them, featuring items such as playing cards and cigarettes. Since then, they’ve evolved into an essential part of the flying experience.

Why Airplane Amenity Kits Matter

According to a survey by Skyscanner, a whopping 85% of travelers consider amenity kits an important factor when choosing an airline. As Brian Kelly, founder of The Points Guy, puts it, “Amenity kits are a way for airlines to differentiate themselves and create a memorable experience for passengers.”

What’s Inside the Ultimate Airplane Amenity Kit?

While the contents of amenity kits may vary by airline and class, some essentials are commonly found:

  1. Eye mask
  2. Earplugs
  3. Toothbrush and toothpaste
  4. Socks or slippers
  5. Lip balm
  6. Hand cream
  7. Comb or hairbrush
  8. Pen Some airlines go the extra mile, offering luxury brands, unique items, or even partnering with fashion designers for their amenity kits.

The Best Airplane Amenity Kits to Look Out For

As an experienced travel journalist, I’ve had the pleasure of testing many amenity kits. Here are my top picks for the best airplane amenity kits, guaranteed to make your next flight a more enjoyable experience:

  • Emirates First Class
  • Qatar Airways
  • Qsuite ANA First Class
  • Singapore Airlines First Class
  • Cathay Pacific First Class

A Deeper Dive into the Best Airplane Amenity Kits

Now that we’ve shared our top picks for the best airplane amenity kits, let’s take a closer look at what makes each of these kits stand out:

1. Emirates First Class

Emirates is renowned for its luxurious in-flight experience, and their amenity kits are no exception. The airline partners with luxury brand Bvlgari to create exquisite leather pouches filled with a selection of Bvlgari toiletries, including body lotion, aftershave balm, and eau de cologne. You’ll also find essentials like a grooming kit, a plush eye mask, and comfortable socks. As a bonus, Emirates offers a separate set of skincare products for men and women, catering to each gender’s specific needs.

2. Qatar Airways Qsuite

Qatar Airways’ Qsuite passengers are treated to BRIC’S amenity kits, an Italian luxury brand known for its high-quality travel bags. The amenity kits include exclusive Monte Vibiano Vecchio skincare products, such as facial mist, lip balm, and hydrating cream. Additionally, you’ll find sleepwear designed by The White Company, a luxurious British brand, ensuring you stay comfortable during your flight.

3. ANA First Class

Japan’s ANA offers a sleek, sophisticated amenity kit designed by Globe-Trotter, a British luxury luggage company. The kit includes items from The Ginza, a renowned Japanese skincare brand, such as moisturizer, facial mist, and lip balm. ANA also provides a unique touch with its signature “Samue” loungewear, a modern take on traditional Japanese garments, ensuring a comfortable and stylish in-flight experience.

4. Singapore Airlines First Class

Singapore Airlines’ amenity kits are designed in collaboration with French luxury brand Lalique. The kit includes Lalique-branded toiletries, such as lip balm, hand cream, and facial mist, as well as a scented candle to help you relax during your flight. The airline also offers Lalique-designed sleepwear, slippers, and a plush eye mask, ensuring a comfortable and luxurious experience.

5. Cathay Pacific First Class

Cathay Pacific’s first-class amenity kits are created in partnership with luxury brand Aesop. The kits come in a stylish, minimalist pouch and include Aesop skincare products, such as hand cream, lip balm, and face cream. Essentials like a toothbrush, toothpaste, and eye mask are also provided, along with soft, cozy socks.

The Future of Airplane Amenity Kits

As the airline industry continues to evolve, we can expect airplane amenity kits to follow suit. Airlines are increasingly focusing on sustainability, with some companies turning to eco-friendly materials and refillable containers for their kits. Additionally, collaborations between airlines and luxury brands or designers are becoming more common, resulting in unique and high-quality kits for passengers.

Budget-Friendly Alternatives

Not flying first class or with an airline known for its amenity kits? Don’t worry! You can still create your own budget-friendly amenity kit to ensure a comfortable flight. Here are some essentials to pack:

  1. Travel-sized toothbrush and toothpaste
  2. Eye mask
  3. Earplugs
  4. Travel-sized hand sanitizer and lotion
  5. Lip balm
  6. Travel-sized facial mist
  7. Compact hairbrush or comb
  8. Tissues or wet wipes
  9. Socks or slippers

By packing these items in a small, reusable pouch, you’ll be able to create a personalized amenity kit tailored to your needs and preferences.

Amenity Kits for Children and Families

If you’re traveling with kids, some airlines provide special amenity kits designed to keep young passengers entertained and comfortable throughout the flight. These kits may include items like:

  1. Coloring books and crayons
  2. Stickers
  3. Small toys or puzzles
  4. Child-sized eye masks and earplugs
  5. Travel-sized toiletries suitable for children

Before booking your flight, research which airlines offer family-friendly amenities to ensure a pleasant experience for passengers of all ages.

Personal Insights and Insider Tips

  1. Always check which amenities your airline provides before your flight. This will help you pack accordingly and avoid any surprises.
  2. Don’t be shy about asking for extra items if you need them. Flight attendants are usually happy to help.
  3. Save your favorite items from amenity kits for future flights or to use at home.


1. Are amenity kits provided on all flights?

Amenity kits are typically provided on long-haul flights, especially in premium classes. However, some airlines may offer a limited selection of amenities in economy class as well.

2. Can I keep my airplane amenity kit?

Yes, airplane amenity kits are meant to be kept and used by passengers. Feel free to take them with you when you disembark.

3. Are all amenity kits the same across different airlines?

No, amenity kits can vary greatly between airlines, as well as between different travel classes within the same airline. Some airlines may also collaborate with luxury brands or designers for unique, high-quality kits.

4. Can I request a specific amenity kit when booking my flight?

Generally, you cannot request a specific amenity kit, as the kits are predetermined by the airline and travel class. However, you can research which airlines offer the best kits before booking your flight.

5. Are airplane amenity kits eco-friendly?

Many airlines are taking steps to make their amenity kits more eco-friendly by using sustainable materials and reducing plastic waste. Some airlines even offer kits made entirely from recycled materials.

In Conclusion

Airplane amenity kits are a small but significant part of your travel experience. With the right kit, you’ll feel pampered and well-rested, ready to hit the ground running at your destination. So, next time you book a flight, pay attention to the amenity kit offerings – it just might make all the difference!

Airplane amenity kits can significantly enhance your in-flight experience, especially on long-haul flights. From luxury brand collaborations to eco-friendly initiatives, airlines are continuously raising the bar for in-flight comfort. Whether you’re fortunate enough to experience one of the top amenity kits or choose to create your own budget-friendly alternative, prioritizing your comfort and well-being during air travel is essential. Happy flying!

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