Discover Top Hotels Near Long Beach Airport: Your Gateway to an Extraordinary Journey

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Discover Top Hotels Near Long Beach Airport: Your Gateway to an Extraordinary JourneyEver experienced the sinking feeling of waking up at an ungodly hour just to catch a flight? Or the dread of lengthy and tiring commutes post an exhaustive journey? The solution is closer than you think. All you need to do is choose the right airport hotel. Hotels near Long Beach Airport can not only enhance your travel experience but also ease those dreaded early morning and late-night woes. Let’s explore more.


  • Hotels near airports boast higher guest satisfaction ratings according to J.D. Power
  • Long Beach Airport is one of the top 10 airports in the United States for customer satisfaction
  • Staying close to the airport gives easy access to nearby attractions like the Queen Mary and Aquarium of the Pacific
  • Find recommendations for the best hotels near Long Beach Airport, boasting comfort, convenience, and remarkable experiences

Why Choose Hotels Near Long Beach Airport? 🏨

Let’s unravel some fascinating facts. A survey by J.D. Power reveals that airport hotels, on average, have higher guest satisfaction ratings than hotels in other locations, scoring a whopping 800 out of 1,000. So, it’s no surprise that choosing a hotel near Long Beach Airport—a recipient of the top 10 accolades for customer satisfaction by Travel + Leisure magazine—is your ticket to a delightful stay.

Moreover, Sarah Dandashy, the travel expert and CEO of Ask a Concierge, praises Long Beach Airport as a hidden gem in Southern California. By choosing a hotel in proximity, you gain effortless access to the airport and local attractions, such as the Queen Mary and Aquarium of the Pacific.

Now that we’ve addressed the benefits let’s dive into the best hotels near Long Beach Airport.

The Cream of the Crop: Top Hotels Near Long Beach Airport 🌟

Hyatt Regency Long BeachHyatt Regency Long Beach

A crown jewel amongst the city’s hotels, Hyatt Regency offers upscale amenities with a serene ocean view. Its close proximity to the airport and tourist attractions makes it a favored choice.

The Cove Hotel, Ascend Hotel Collection

This chic boutique hotel impresses with modern décor and premium amenities. The Cove Hotel ensures an enjoyable stay, pairing relaxation with convenience.

Holiday Inn Long Beach AirportHoliday Inn Long Beach Airport

Known for its commendable hospitality, the Holiday Inn provides the quintessential airport hotel experience with an appealing blend of comfort and service.

Remember, every trip is an opportunity for a memorable story. Picking the right hotel can make that story even more exciting!

More about Long Beach: Not Just an Airport Stopover 🌴

While the convenience of airport hotels is unrivaled, their proximity to local attractions adds significant value. And in the case of Long Beach, these attractions are worth the hype!

Queen Mary 🚢

Step into the past by visiting this historic ocean liner, now a floating hotel. It’s not every day you get to dine, sleep, and explore a legendary ship!

Aquarium of the Pacific 🐠

A must-visit for all age groups, the Aquarium of the Pacific showcases marine life from the tropical Pacific. It’s an under-the-sea adventure you wouldn’t want to miss.

Long Beach Waterfront 🌊

The Waterfront is a vibrant place with stunning views, delightful eateries, and a walking path. A fantastic place to unwind and absorb the local culture.

So, staying near Long Beach Airport doesn’t just mean seamless travel. It also opens doors to these enchanting local experiences.

Kevin’s Insider Tips for the Savvy Traveler 💼

Having spent years traversing the globe, here are some tips that could enhance your hotel experience:

  • Request for a room on the upper floors for a better view and less noise.
  • Leverage hotel loyalty programs for upgrades and perks.
  • Don’t hesitate to communicate your needs to the hotel staff. They’re there to ensure your stay is comfortable.

FAQs 🧐

Q: Why should I choose a hotel near Long Beach Airport? A: Choosing a hotel near the airport not only offers convenience for flight schedules but also enhances overall guest satisfaction. These hotels have easy access to local attractions, making your trip more enjoyable.

Q: What are the top hotels near Long Beach Airport? A: Some top-rated hotels near the airport include the Hyatt Regency Long Beach, The Cove Hotel, and the Holiday Inn Long Beach Airport.

Q: Are there any local attractions near these hotels? A: Absolutely! Some popular attractions include the Queen Mary and Aquarium of the Pacific.

Q: What makes Long Beach Airport special? A: Long Beach Airport is a hidden gem in Southern California, recognized as one of the top 10 airports in the U.S. for customer satisfaction.

Q: Are these hotels near Long Beach Airport expensive? A: The prices vary depending on the hotel and the time of booking. It’s always best to check their websites for the most accurate information.

Q: Do these hotels provide airport shuttle services? A: Most hotels near the airport offer shuttle services. However, it’s best to confirm this with the hotel during booking.

Q: Are these hotels suitable for families? A: Absolutely! These hotels cater to all types of travelers, including families, providing amenities and services to ensure a comfortable stay.

Q: Can I access tourist attractions easily from these hotels? A: Yes, one of the advantages of staying near Long Beach Airport is easy access to local attractions like Queen Mary and Aquarium of the Pacific.

Q: Are there dining options in these hotels? A: Yes, these hotels usually have one or more dining options. However, specifics may vary, so it’s best to check directly with the hotel.


Choosing a hotel near Long Beach Airport is a strategic decision that will elevate your travel experience. Not only do these hotels offer convenience and high-quality services, but they also provide the perfect launchpad to explore the local attractions.

From the joy of snoozing a bit more before an early flight to the pleasure of immersing in local experiences, staying near Long Beach Airport is an unbeatable choice. So, on your next visit, let these hotels be your sanctuary for relaxation and convenience. Safe travels!

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