American Airlines Baggage Handlers Caught Mishandling Passengers’ Luggage

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American Airlines Baggage Handlers Caught Mishandling Passengers' LuggageAmerican Airlines baggage handlers were caught on camera mishandling passengers’ luggage, with a similar incident occurring in Melbourne. 440 flights were canceled due to bad weather in Dallas. Take precautions to protect your personal belongings while traveling. Read more to learn about the incidents and what actions airlines took.


  • American Airlines baggage handlers were caught on camera mishandling passengers’ luggage
  • Similar incidents have occurred before, and airlines have suspended the handlers involved
  • 440 flights were canceled due to bad weather in Dallas, affecting passengers on American and Southwest Airlines
  • It is not yet clear how many passengers were affected by the cancellations

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Passengers Film Baggage Handlers Roughly Handling Luggage in Dallas

Passengers traveling from Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport to Guadalajara Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla International Airport were left unimpressed with American Airlines baggage handlers. They filmed them mishandling luggage as it was loaded onto their Mexican-bound flight. Erika Cortes, who was traveling with her family, shared the video on Twitter, calling it a ”deliberate and malicious destruction of personal property.”

Similar Incident in Melbourne

This is not the first time that baggage handlers have been caught on camera mistreating passengers‘ luggage. In December last year, baggage handlers in Melbourne were suspended after a video was uploaded to TikTok showing them mishandling luggage while unloading a Qantas luggage container. All three handlers were suspended immediately, with Qantas announcing that they would never work on another Qantas flight again.

Flight Cancellations in Dallas

Travelers flying with Southwest Airlines and American Airlines experienced 440 canceled flights due to bad weather in Dallas. Flights to and from Dallas Fort Worth from 5:00 p.m. on Thursday were canceled, with Dallas-based American Airlines canceling up to 340 flights from its hub. Southwest Airlines cut around 100 flights from Dallas Love Field. If you are flying soon, it is crucial to ensure that your luggage is properly packed and secured. Unfortunately, incidents like these do happen, and it’s essential to take precautions to protect your personal belongings.


Traveling can be stressful, and having your luggage mishandled only adds to the frustration. Passengers trust airlines to take care of their belongings, and it’s disappointing when baggage handlers don’t treat them with respect. It’s reassuring that American Airlines and Qantas took quick action to suspend the handlers involved in these incidents. Passengers should continue to monitor their luggage and report any incidents of mistreatment immediately.

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