Austrian Airlines Launches Direct Vienna-Billund Route: More Options for Travelers!

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Austrian Airlines Launches Direct Vienna-Billund Route: More Options for Travelers!Exciting news for travel enthusiasts! Austrian Airlines has recently opened its direct route between Vienna and Billund Airport, providing you with more options to explore the world. As an experienced travel journalist, Kevin Erickson is thrilled to share his insights on this new development and the benefits it brings to travelers like you.


  • Austrian Airlines now offers direct flights between Vienna and Billund Airport.
  • Billund Airport now has direct flights to all Lufthansa Group network airports.
  • New route provides better connectivity and flexibility for business travelers and travel agencies.
  • Improved tourism opportunities between Denmark and Austria.
  • Unique advantage for West Danish business travelers with 14 network airports.

Direct Flights to All Lufthansa Group Network Airports

With the introduction of the Vienna-Billund direct route, Billund Airport now offers direct flights to all five Lufthansa Group network airports. These include Vienna, Brussels, Frankfurt, Munich, and Zurich, served by Austrian Airlines, Brussels Airlines, Lufthansa, and Swiss respectively.

According to Billund Airport CEO, Jan Hessellund, “The fact that you can now go out into the world via Billund Airport’s now 14 network airports is completely unique – and it is fantastic that five of the network airports are part of the Lufthansa Group.”

Boosting Economic and Tourist Exchange

The new route doesn’t just bring convenience to travelers. Austrian ambassador Alice Irvin believes the direct flights will strengthen the economic and tourist exchange between Denmark and Austria. “This new flight route between Billund and Vienna will significantly shorten the travel time between Vienna and all of Jutland,” says Irvin.

Discover the Beauty of Austria and Western Denmark

Vienna, Austria’s capital, is a cultural gem perfect for city breaks and extended weekends. With its rich history, stunning architecture, and vibrant arts scene, Vienna offers a diverse array of experiences. In the winter months, the city also provides easy access to excellent skiing opportunities.

Similarly, the new route allows Austrian citizens to explore Western Denmark and its numerous attractions, from picturesque landscapes to historical sites and modern attractions.

Expert Tips from Kevin Erickson

As an expert in travel, Kevin Erickson suggests taking advantage of the numerous route combinations available through the Lufthansa Group network. For example, you can fly out with Austrian Airlines via Vienna and return with Brussels Airlines via Brussels or Lufthansa via Munich.

So, pack your bags and prepare to embark on your next adventure! The world is waiting for you to explore, and now you have even more options to do so.

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