Budapest Airport to Expand Winter Routes with Wizz Air

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Budapest Airport to Expand Winter Routes with Wizz AirBudapest Airport is expanding its winter routes with Wizz Air, which will offer two new routes to Copenhagen and Sharm El Sheikh. With the expansion, Budapest Airport will offer more options for winter travelers. Book your tickets now and enjoy a winter vacation in Sharm El Sheikh or a city break in Copenhagen.


  • Wizz Air will launch a daily connection to Copenhagen starting from October 1.
  • The ULCC will operate a twice-weekly service to Sharm El Sheikh later in October, joining Budapest’s flights to Cairo and Hurghada.
  • With the new routes, Budapest Airport will have better connections to the Nordic region and offer passengers a variety of popular destinations.
  • The airline’s latest additions are highly desired destinations for vacationers and city break enthusiasts.

Travelers in Hungary will have even more options for winter destinations, thanks to two new routes added by Wizz Air from Budapest Airport.

As the summer season approaches, Budapest Airport is already planning ahead to offer a diverse selection of destinations for the winter. To expand its route map, Wizz Air has announced the addition of two new routes from October, connecting Budapest to Copenhagen and Sharm El Sheikh. Wizz Air’s expansion of its network will be a significant boost for Budapest Airport. Travelers from Hungary will have more options for winter getaways, including the perfect vacation spot of Sharm El Sheikh with its sandy beaches and clear waters. Meanwhile, Copenhagen, known for its charm and wonderful city break, will be a popular choice for many.

Budapest Airport: An Ideal Winter Destination

Budapest Airport’s efforts to expand its winter routes with Wizz Air reflect the airport’s commitment to becoming a leading European hub. Budapest has a rich cultural heritage and stunning architecture, making it an ideal winter destination for tourists. With its many thermal baths and festive markets, Budapest is also the perfect place to experience winter traditions firsthand. Additionally, the airport’s convenient location and excellent transportation connections make it easy for travelers to explore the rest of Hungary and neighboring countries. As such, Budapest Airport is an ideal choice for anyone looking to escape the winter blues and enjoy a memorable vacation.


Budapest Airport continues to improve its connections to destinations worldwide, and the addition of Wizz Air’s new routes to Copenhagen and Sharm El Sheikh will provide even more options for winter travelers. With its ongoing efforts to enhance its route map, Budapest Airport is sure to remain a top destination for both vacationers and business travelers.

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