Discover Europe’s Exciting New Train Routes in 2023 and 2024

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Discover Europe's Exciting New Train Routes in 2023 and 2024As Europe’s rail network expands, travelers are embracing flight-free adventures. In this article, our expert Kevin Erickson shares his insider knowledge and personal experiences to introduce the most promising new European train routes launching in 2023 and 2024.


  • New sleeper trains and high-speed services connect fascinating European destinations
  • Eco-friendly, comfortable, and cost-effective alternative to air travel
  • Major routes include Brussels to Berlin, Vienna to Paris/Genoa, Prague to Zurich, Paris to Berlin, and Paris to Madrid
  • Modern trains offer free wifi, wireless charging, and improved storage
  • Expert opinion from Tom Hall, Editorial Director at Lonely Planet

New Routes: Connecting Europe Like Never Before

Brussels to Berlin in 2023 and Prague in 2024

Starting in May 2023, Austrian Federal Railways (ÖBB) will offer passengers the opportunity to travel from Brussels to Berlin, stopping at Amsterdam, Antwerp, Rotterdam, and Deventer. In 2024, the route will expand to include Dresden and Prague.

Vienna to Paris or Genoa with Nightjet

ÖBB’s Nightjet service, already operating between Vienna and Paris, will introduce brand new trains this summer. These upgraded trains offer free wifi, wireless charging stations, increased storage, and modern private compartments with showers and toilets. In partnership with Trenitalia, Nightjet will also run from Vienna to Genoa and La Spezia.

Prague to Zurich: Revived Sleeper Route

Rail company České dráhy (ČD) is resuming services on the night route from Prague to Zurich, closed since 2017. With brand-new trains, wi-fi, and comfortable seating, this modernized service will be fully operational by summer 2023.

Paris to Berlin in 2024: High-Speed Connection

German rail operator Deutsche Bahn and French rail operator SNCF are launching a new high-speed train service connecting Paris to Berlin in 2024. This eco-friendly alternative aims to make train travel more appealing and practical for travelers.

Trenitalia’s Paris to Madrid High-Speed Route

Italian rail company Trenitalia plans to connect Paris to Madrid, with a stop in Barcelona, using high-speed trains by the end of 2024. Details for this route will be announced soon.

Expert Insight: The Future of European Travel

Tom Hall, Editorial Director at Lonely Planet, says, “Rail travel is becoming increasingly popular as people look for more sustainable ways to explore Europe. With sleeper trains and high-speed services connecting more destinations, it’s easier than ever to see the best of the continent without the stress of airports.

With these exciting new train routes and services, the future of European travel looks brighter and more sustainable than ever. So, pack your bags and get ready to explore Europe from the comfort of a train seat!

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