Etihad Airways Expands Travel Options with New Interline Partnerships

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Etihad Airways Expands Travel Options with New Interline PartnershipsEtihad Airways has teamed up with three new airline partners, including Philippine Airlines, Austrian Airlines, and Airlink South Africa, to provide customers with enhanced connectivity to destinations across each other’s networks. The Abu Dhabi-based carrier has also re-launched interline links with Biman Bangladesh and codeshares with Air Seychelles and ITA Airways. Here are the key takeaways from Etihad Airways’ new interline partnerships:

  • The six interline/code agreements make life easier for guests of all the airlines involved.
  • Customers can book on a single ticket and only have to check in once at the start of their flight, with their baggage checked through to their end destination.
  • Teaming up with Philippine Airlines provides easy access to 19 domestic Filipino destinations including Cebu, Cagayan de Oro, Davao, and Kalibo, to and from Etihad’s double daily Manila service, for the large Filipino diaspora living in the UAE.
  • The deal with Austrian Airlines gives Etihad guests access up to 58 European destinations via Vienna, operated by Etihad daily during the summer.
  • The partnership with Airlink South Africa gives connecting guests via Etihad’s Johannesburg flight seamless access to 16 domestic destinations in South Africa and 25 regional African destinations.
  • Etihad’s links with Biman and Air Seychelles have been restored following those airlines’ own system migrations over the last 12 months, offering further destinations such as Chittagong and Praslin.

Etihad Airways has launched new reciprocal interline partnerships with six airlines to offer customers more travel destinations and greater choice.

Etihad’s Chief Revenue Officer, Arik De, stated that “broadening our network reach and allowing more guests to come visit Abu Dhabi has always guided our purpose.” The airline will progressively roll out the expanded interline and codeshare offerings across Etihad sales channels, including and travel agents, over the coming weeks.

Why Etihad Airways’ New Interline Partnerships are Great News for Travelers

Travelers can now enjoy more travel destinations and seamless connectivity thanks to Etihad Airways’ new reciprocal interline partnerships with six airlines. With the ability to book on a single ticket and only have to check in once, passengers can travel more conveniently and efficiently. The new agreements also provide easy access to more domestic and regional destinations, making it easier for travelers to explore and discover new places. Overall, these new interline partnerships are great news for travelers looking to expand their horizons and enjoy a more streamlined travel experience.


Etihad Airways’ new interline partnerships offer customers greater choice and enhanced connectivity to more destinations across each other’s networks. With the ease of booking on a single ticket and checking in once, travelers can enjoy a smoother and more convenient travel experience.

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