Faroe Islands to Launch Direct Flights from New York this August

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Faroe Islands to Launch Direct Flights from New York this AugustAdventure seekers and travel enthusiasts, rejoice! The Faroe Islands are about to get even more accessible, as Atlantic Airways plans to launch direct flights from New York. Our travel expert, Kevin Erickson, shares the exciting details.


  • Direct flights from New York to Faroe Islands starting August 2023
  • Flights operated by Atlantic Airways using fuel-efficient Airbus A320neo
  • Weekly service from New York Stewart International (SWF) to Vágar Airport
  • Transit time at Stewart International faster than JFK and Newark
  • Increased accessibility to boost tourism, business, and cultural exchanges

A New Connection: New York to Faroe Islands

As an experienced traveler and Faroe Islands enthusiast, Kevin Erickson reveals that Atlantic Airways will commence direct flights from New York Stewart International (SWF) to Vágar, the only airport on the Faroe Islands, in August 2023. The flights will be operated as a limited seasonal service, running from August 22nd to October 4th.

Why Choose Stewart International?

Stewart International, located 1.5 hours north of New York City, offers significant benefits for passengers. According to Kevin, the airport boasts swiftly moving lines, minimal wait times at security, seamless border and customs checks, and simple baggage claim. In addition, the airline will coordinate a bus transfer service for passengers, ensuring convenient transportation options.

Connecting the Faroe Islands to the World

The introduction of direct flights will not only make the beautiful and rugged Faroe Islands more accessible but also facilitate business and cultural exchanges between the US and the region. Passengers can further connect to Atlantic Airways’ network of destinations in Scandinavia, Scotland, and Continental Europe.

The Airbus A320neo: A Game Changer

Kevin also highlights the role of the Airbus A320neo in making these flights possible. The fuel-efficient and environmentally friendly aircraft aligns with Atlantic Airways’ commitment to sustainability and reducing its carbon footprint. The A320neo can seat up to 174 passengers in an all-economy layout, ensuring a comfortable journey for travelers.

A Boost for Tourism and Adventure

With the new direct flights, the Faroe Islands’ unique culture, abundant wildlife, and stunning landscapes will become more accessible to adventure travelers. This increased accessibility is expected to boost tourism and contribute to the local economy.

Final Thoughts

As an expert in Faroe Islands travel, Kevin Erickson is excited about the new direct flights, which will make this breathtaking destination more accessible for travelers. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore this hidden gem – book your trip now!

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