A Guide to Riding the Newly-Launched MRT Putrajaya Line

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A Guide to Riding the Newly-Launched MRT Putrajaya LineAfter much anticipation and a few delays, Klang Valley’s second MRT line is finally open to the public. The MRT Putrajaya Line, also known as PYL, was launched by Prime Minister Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim on March 16, with free rides until March 31.


  • The MRT Putrajaya Line is now open and offers a 57.7 km line with 36 stations.
  • It connects to every existing train line in Klang Valley, from the Monorail to the ERL.
  • Feeder buses are available to transport passengers to the stations, and the line has 17 Park & Ride facilities.
  • The trains have a capacity of 1,200 passengers, and the system is fully automatic.

The PYL is a 57.7 km line with 36 stations, starting at Kwasa Damansara and ending at Putrajaya Sentral. The first phase of the line from Kwasa Damansara to Kampung Batu has been operational since June 2022, but the second phase, which connects many dots in Klang Valley’s rail network, has just opened. The new line has 44.2 km of elevated track and 13.5 km of underground track, with nine underground stations from Sentul Barat to Chan Sow Lin. The other interchange/connecting stations linking PYL with every existing train line in Klang Valley include Titiwangsa, Chan Sow Lin, and Sungai Besi.

Getting to the MRT station

Feeder buses are available to transport passengers to the stations, with 31 routes covering over 350 km. Fares are from RM1 to RM2.40, and concession cardholders get a 50% discount. The PYL also has 17 stations with Park & Ride facilities, and more bays are coming soon. The parking charge is RM4.30 per entry per day, with a maximum of RM16.10 if you park overnight.

Train and station experience

The trains on the PYL are distinctive and have a capacity of 1,200 passengers. The system is fully automatic and driverless, but the train can be driven manually if needed. The trains have a cute red face with a “duck bill,” which has brought about the nickname “Duckie.” The new MRT line offers a different look and feel compared to the MRT Kajang Line, with its sleek, futuristic design. In addition, the stations are equipped with helpful features for commuters, such as location maps and baby changing tables in the restrooms.

Operation hours and journey time

The PYL operates from 6am to midnight. During peak hours on weekdays, the frequency is every four to six minutes, and during off-peak hours, it is seven to ten minutes. On weekends and public holidays, the interval is seven to 15 minutes. Rapid KL says that an end-to-end ride from Kwasa Damansara to Putrajaya Sentral will take 84 minutes.

For commuters looking to save time and money, the PYL will be a game-changer, and the Hospital Kuala Lumpur station will benefit senior citizens and those who go to the GH regularly. If you’re considering taking the new line, you can expect a stress-free and enjoyable.

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