Hyper Sonic Train: Travel Around the Globe in Just 24 Hours?

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Hyper Sonic Train: Travel Around the Globe in Just 24 Hours?Perhaps we’ll see it in 137 years.

One Day, Four Cities

Imagine having breakfast in NYC, hopping over to London for a meeting, sipping coffee in Vienna, and then wrapping up the day with drinks in Tokyo. Sounds outlandish? For Andreas Scholz, a German railway engineer, that’s his vision for 2160.

Whizzing at 7,200 km/h

The Hyper Sonic Train isn’t just a touch faster than your regular commuter. At a staggering 7,200 km/h, it would be six times the speed of sound, and three times faster than the Concorde jet. To put it into perspective: It’s like commuting from Boston to Cambridge would take the same time as jetting off to Los Angeles!

Futuristic Tech at its Finest

Imagine the train speeding through tubes with almost a complete vacuum inside. Minimal air resistance, low energy consumption. Sounds familiar? Elon Musk had a slightly similar idea with his Hyperloop. But he’s thinking capsules at a “mere” 1,200 km/h. Scholz’s vision is somewhat more… let’s say, “grand.”

A Generational Endeavour

With over 200 pages and countless graphics, Scholz outlined this potential future. $25 trillion by 2160? A steal, right? But hey, dreams are priceless.

The highlight: it’s not just about speed, but also giving back to the planet.

The Hyper Sonic Train is a daring idea that might just change the world. But who knows? Maybe future generations will wonder, “Why didn’t we do this sooner?”

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