Iceland – New airports for international air traffic

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Faeries, volcanos, and breathtaking mountains –  Iceland is literally the land of ice and fire. With a growing number of tourists, from May 2023 on it will be easier to travel to this magical wilderness. Next to Keflavik, two more airports will be the destination of international flights, making the north and east regions of the spectacular landscape more accessible than ever before.

Iceland - New airports for international air traffic

Can’t wait to travel? Condor is among the airlines that will include the two airports into their flights.

Akureyri and Egilsstaðir

Not a tongue twister, but new destinations: Akureyri is the airport in the north of Iceland, destination of additional 200 flights in the future. Egilsstaðir, smaller and in the east, will see up to 30 additional flights.

This is not only making it easier for tourists to explore the wonders of this natural paradise. The introduction of direct flights to these regions opens doors to exciting new routes and unforgettable travel experiences. In the coming years, expect to see the tourism industry in these parts of Iceland flourish as visitors uncover the hidden gems and breathtaking sights nestled within the rugged terrain.

Discover Iceland from a new perspective

Keflavik, a quaint town located slightly south of Reykjavik, marks the beginning of unforgettable adventures in Iceland. As most travelers step into this mesmerizing world through the country’s sole international airport, they are presented with two compelling options: to set forth either clockwise or counter-clockwise. The extent to which one wishes to explore this magical realm depends entirely on personal preference, but the starting and ending points of the journey remain constant. Those seeking the ultimate expedition can embark on a comprehensive trip around the island. Moreover, visitors opting for a self-driven experience by arriving with their own vehicles on a ferry will find themselves in the charming village of Seyðisfjörður, near Egilsstaðir in eastern Iceland. No matter the chosen route, a captivating Icelandic escapade awaits.

Starting in the summer of 2023, direct international flights to Akureyri and Egilsstaðir airports will unlock a world of new travel routes, options, and possibilities for trips to this incredible Nordic island. You will be able to plan your journey to cover not only the enchanting regions of North and East Iceland, but also easily combine them with the stunning South and West. The flexibility of landing in Akureyri and departing from Egilsstaðir, or vice versa, offers an unparalleled adventure. Moreover, one-way flights will provide smart combinations with other flights, inviting you to a vast array of unique travel experiences throughout the country. Embark on the Icelandic adventure of a lifetime, embracing the serene beauty and untamed wilderness that await you come summer 2023.

The land of ice and fire is waiting for you!

Be it the endless night in winter or the summer when the sun never sets, Iceland has more to offer than most people can grasp. With two more airports, there is an amazing chance for a unique experience. Pack your bags and prepare to embark on an adventure like no other as you traverse through the pristine landscapes of Iceland’s north and east.

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