Embark on Legendary Voyages: Holland America Line’s Exciting New Cruise Category

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Embark on Legendary Voyages: Holland America Line's Exciting New Cruise CategoryIntro: Have you ever dreamed of visiting bucket list destinations without the hassle of planning extensive trips? Holland America Line has got you covered! They’ve launched a new category of cruises called Legendary Voyages, offering immersive experiences lasting from 25 to 59 days. As your resident travel expert, Kevin Erickson is here to share insider tips and unique insights into these amazing adventures.


  • Holland America Line introduces Legendary Voyages, ranging from 25 to 59 days
  • Most voyages sail roundtrip from a North American homeport for easy embarkation
  • Extended overnight stays in key ports like Anchorage, Reykjavík, and Tokyo
  • Bucket list destinations at your fingertips
  • Growing demand for longer, more in-depth voyages

Discover the World with Legendary Voyages

Holland America’s goal is to make exploring bucket list destinations easier than ever. These extended cruises include overnight stays in sought-after locations such as Anchorage, Alaska; Hobart, Tasmania; Honolulu, Hawaii; Manaus, Brazil; Moorea, French Polynesia; Papeete, Tahiti; Reykjavík, Iceland; and Yokohama (Tokyo), Japan.

 Unforgettable Journeys Awaits You

Imagine a 56-day cruise through the South Pacific, departing from Vancouver and arriving in San Diego. During this epic journey, you’ll visit picturesque locations in Hawaii, American Samoa, Somoa, Tonga, the Cook Islands, Fiji, and French Polynesia. Or perhaps you’re more intrigued by the 35-Day “Voyage of the Vikings,” sailing roundtrip from Boston and stopping in Canada, Greenland, Iceland, Norway, Ireland, and the Netherlands.

Why Choose Legendary Voyages?

As an expert in the travel industry, Kevin Erickson knows that longer, more immersive cruises are gaining popularity. Holland America Line has seen a 25% increase in cruises lasting 25 days or more, and a 117% increase in cruises lasting 50 days or more. These statistics show a growing demand for in-depth voyages, and Holland America is meeting that demand with their new Legendary Voyages category.

Experience the Difference with Holland America Line

Holland America’s fleet consists of 11 mid-sized ships that visit nearly 400 ports in 114 countries, offering a more intimate and personalized cruising experience compared to larger cruise lines. With extended overnight stays in key ports, cruisers can fully immerse themselves in the local culture and truly experience the destination.

Celebrating 150 Years of Excellence

The launch of Legendary Voyages coincides with Holland America Line’s 150th anniversary. This long-standing travel company continues to innovate and adapt to the evolving desires of its guests, offering unique and memorable experiences for travelers worldwide.

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