Munich offers its passengers more comfort with new S-Bahn trains

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Munich offers its passengers more comfort with new S-Bahn trains
Copyright: Deutsche Bahn AG / DB/Vidovic/Siemens Mobility GmbH

Siemens Mobility to deliver 90 state-of-the-art XXL trains by end of 2028.

Teaser: The Munich S-Bahn is setting new standards in passenger comfort and sustainable travel with the introduction of the most modern S-Bahn trains in Germany.


  • Siemens Mobility to supply Munich with Germany’s most advanced S-Bahn trains.
  • New XXL trains offer a seating capacity for 1,841 passengers.
  • The new fleet emphasizes energy efficiency, low maintenance, and eco-friendly transportation.
  • Expected improvements in punctuality and enhanced comfort for travelers.
  • First of its kind in Germany: 200 meters in length with complete walk-through ability.

A Leap in Comfort and Innovation

Munich’s new S-Bahn trains, set to be introduced by the end of 2028, are paving the way for the future of urban transport. With an unprecedented length of over 200 meters, the trains can accommodate up to 1,841 passengers. These state-of-the-art vehicles come equipped with amenities such as free Wi-Fi, USB and standard plugs, more legroom, and varying LED lighting that changes depending on the time of day. Moreover, a highly efficient air conditioning system ensures passengers remain comfortable even in temperatures up to 45 °C.

Next-Gen Passenger Information and Accessibility

Gone are the days of static, hard-to-read passenger information. These trains will feature displays both inside and outside the carriages, providing real-time travel details, station updates, and train occupancy levels. Furthermore, passengers will receive guidance about station amenities like staircases and elevators before alighting. Wide doors and spacious entryways ensure quick boarding and alighting, while special seating configurations adapt to train load, optimizing space. Importantly, dedicated zones cater to wheelchairs, bikes, prams, and large luggage, ensuring every passenger travels with ease.

A Sustainable and Digital Future

Munich’s new S-Bahn fleet stands at the forefront of sustainability and digital innovation. Emphasizing minimal life-cycle costs, these trains boast of high energy efficiency and reduced maintenance. Pioneering technologies like Railigent X guarantee maximum train availability, while the European train control system (ETCS) by Siemens Mobility ensures optimum safety and future-readiness. The integration of digital tools allows for streamlined updates, bypassing the need for lengthy manual installations at workshops.

Looking Forward: Munich’s commitment to revolutionizing its public transport network is evident with the introduction of these new S-Bahn trains. Designed with the passenger in mind, these trains are not just vehicles of transport but beacons of comfort, efficiency, and modern innovation. As Munich sets the bar high, the rest of the world watches, ready to follow its tracks.

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