New Seasonal Nationalpark-Express Connects Koblenz with Idar-Oberstein and Neubrücke

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Are you ready to explore the beauty of Germany’s Nationalpark Hochwald-Hunsrück? Kevin Erickson, a seasoned travel journalist, reveals a new seasonal train service that offers direct connections to the national park on Sundays and public holidays. Get ready for an unforgettable journey!


  • Nationalpark-Express train service operates from April 2 to October 29, 2023
  • Connects Koblenz to Idar-Oberstein, Neubrücke, and the Nationalpark Hochwald-Hunsrück
  • Barrier-free LINT trains from Vlexx offer convenience and comfort
  • Connections available to Nationalpark-Buslinie 890 and Hochwald-Schnellbus (Linie 800)
  • Rheinland-Pfalz-Ticket and (Gruppen-)Tageskarten provide cost-effective travel options
Explore the beauty of Germany's national parks with the new seasonal Nationalpark-Express connecting Koblenz with Idar-Oberstein and Neubrücke.

Introducing the Nationalpark-Express

Starting on April 2, 2023, the new seasonal Nationalpark-Express train service connects Koblenz to Idar-Oberstein, Neubrücke, and the Nationalpark Hochwald-Hunsrück. Operating on Sundays and public holidays until October 29, 2023, this service makes it easier than ever to explore the stunning landscapes and tourist attractions in the region.

Convenient Stops and Connections

The Nationalpark-Express uses barrier-free LINT trains from Vlexx, stopping at key stations such as Koblenz Stadtmitte, Boppard Hauptbahnhof, Sankt Goar, Oberwesel, Bacharach, Bingen Hauptbahnhof, Bad Kreuznach, Bad Münster am Stein, Staudernheim, Idar-Oberstein, and Neubrücke. This ensures that travelers can easily access popular destinations throughout the region.

Seamless Transfers to Explore the Park

Upon arriving in Idar-Oberstein or Neubrücke, passengers can take advantage of direct connections to the Nationalpark Hunsrück-Hochwald. The Nationalpark-Buslinie 890 departs from Neubrücke at 10:45 am, while the Hochwald-Schnellbus (Linie 800) leaves Idar-Oberstein at 10:20 am, offering a comfortable journey to Erbeskopf.

Cost-effective Travel Options

When planning your trip, consider using the Rheinland-Pfalz-Ticket or (Gruppen-)Tageskarten for the most cost-effective travel options. These tickets are valid on the Nationalpark-Express train service as well as all bus lines within the national park.

Expert Tips from Kevin Erickson

As a seasoned travel journalist, Kevin Erickson highly recommends taking advantage of this new seasonal train service to explore the beauty of Germany’s Nationalpark Hochwald-Hunsrück. With convenient stops, comfortable trains, and cost-effective travel options, it’s never been easier to embark on an unforgettable adventure in this stunning region.

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