Attention rail travelers in Norway: the Bergensbanen line is partially closed!

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Attention rail travelers in Norway: the Bergensbanen line is partially closed!Recent torrential rainfalls have forced partial closures of railway lines in Norway, leading to delays and cancellations for travelers. Authorities advise tourists to stay informed before starting their journey.


  • Torrential rains in Norway led to a partial railway closure as a precautionary measure.
  • Travelers must brace for delays and cancellations, as it is unclear when normal operations will resume.
  • The section between Heggedal and Spikkestad also closed.
  • Bane Nor advises travelers to check its website for updates.

Bergensbanen Line Between Gol and Geilo Closed

Recent torrential rainfalls in Norway have forced a partial closure of the Bergensbanen line between Gol and Geilo.

Bane Nor, the Norwegian government’s agency responsible for railway infrastructure, has issued a warning on its website for travelers attempting to book tickets for this route.

Gunnar Børseth, a spokesperson for Bane Nor, has confirmed to Norwegian media that the closure is a precautionary measure. Although there have been no reported landslides, a thorough inspection of the railway track in the region is deemed necessary.

Train Services Adjusted Amidst Uncertainty

The train from Bergen now travels at a reduced speed towards Nesbyen, while the train from Oslo is halted at Hønefoss,” says Børseth. As a result, travelers must anticipate delays and cancellations.

Unfortunately, it remains uncertain when normal traffic will resume. Additionally, the section between Heggedal and Spikkestad has also been closed, as indicated on the Bane Nor website.

Widespread impact of storms and rain

In recent days, storms and rain in Norway have not only caused flooded basements but have also led to the collapse of railway bridges and various other problems.

As a result, it is crucial for tourists and daily commuters to stay informed about the situation and plan their journeys accordingly.

Final Thoughts

Travelers are encouraged to regularly check the Bane Nor website for updates on train services and line reopening.

It is essential to stay informed and plan your journey cautiously during this period of uncertainty.

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