Reinventing Train Travel: Brno to Vienna Airport Route Gets Major Upgrade

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Experience the reinvention of train travel with the major upgrade to the Brno to Vienna Airport route

The era of long, tedious train journeys is coming to an end for passengers between Brno and Vienna Airport. Sweeping enhancements, including faster schedules and state-of-the-art facilities, promise a more enjoyable and efficient travel experience. Set to roll out on June 11, 2023, this exciting evolution of rail service will redefine expectations for intercity travel.

Brno’s Forward-Thinking Move

Brno City Council, in a recent move that underscores their dedication to improving public transportation, has green-lighted an enhanced service plan for the direct train connection between Brno and Vienna Schwechat Airport. The decision, taken on a Thursday council meeting, extends the operational contract with Gepard Express up until mid-December 2025.

Faster Travel Times, Same Great Service

Thanks to Gepard Express’ competitive bid, passengers can look forward to shorter journey times – a saving of about 35 minutes per trip. According to Brno’s city councillor for transport, Petr Kratochvíl, these improvements are a testament to the carrier’s commitment to customer satisfaction.

Timetable and Pricing

The enhanced service, partially funded by the City of Brno, includes one pair of direct connections per day, which aligns with the morning departure and evening arrival peaks. For the rest of 2023, this novel improvement will cost CZK 13.93 million, with the following year’s budget set at CZK 28.57 million. The funding strategy for 2025 will be detailed in the final contract.

A Promise of Uninterrupted Convenience

Aiming to provide a seamless journey, Gepard Express promises air-conditioned carriages, multilingual customer service, and rail replacement bus services in emergency situations. Moreover, travelers can avail optional insurance in case of severe delays, and South Moravian travel passes are compatible for domestic passengers on the Brno–Břeclav section.

Brno’s progressive steps towards an enhanced train travel experience is bound to set a benchmark for public transportation systems across the globe.

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