Revival of Direct Luxembourg-Cologne Train Route Expected in 2026

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"Get ready for the revival of the direct Luxembourg-Cologne train route expected in 2026.

Eager travellers between Luxembourg and Cologne, Germany, can look forward to smoother rides starting 2026, as a direct two-hour train service is set to return. The current limited service, with just a single daily direct train or connecting via Koblenz, will be a thing of the past.

Rising From the Ashes: Direct Connection Rejuvenation

A revival of the direct Luxembourg-Cologne train link is on the horizon, as reported by Trier’s Volksfreund newspaper. This connection has been long-awaited, especially by daily commuters and tourists. Presently, there’s only a single daily service, taking approximately 3.5 hours, or a similar journey time through a Koblenz connection.

Track Restoration: An Unseen Hero

Thorsten Müller, the director of the regional SPNV Nord rail network, gave a promising glimpse of the future. He explained the current focus on repairing the flood-damaged track in the Eifel region. The completion, expected by the end of the year, will restore access to the route for the first time since the damage.

Electrification: A Gateway to Efficiency

The direct link’s true renaissance will be marked by the track’s full electrification by 2026. The move will facilitate seamless rides from Luxembourg to Cologne via Trier, using the CFL Kiss double-decker carriages. The plan also includes services departing every two hours, enhancing the convenience for travellers.

The Future: Shorter Travel Times and Environmental Impact

Müller countered the existing contract for diesel trains on the Eifel route, which projected no electric train departures until 2034. Instead, he suggested CFL trains should begin operations three years from now. Once the renovations are completed, the travel time will be cut down to two hours.

A sustainable, efficient, and convenient travel solution is in the making, promising to redefine the commute between Luxembourg and Cologne.

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