Revolutionizing Air Travel: Himalaya Jet Promises Non-stop Flights to Nepal

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Embark on a revolutionized air travel experience  with Flights to Nepal

Travel enthusiasts, prepare for an exciting new development in aviation. A budding airline, Himalaya Jet, is poised to transform the travel landscape by offering direct, non-stop flights to Nepal from Western Europe. This launch is set to bridge the distance between the Himalayan kingdom and the rest of the world, making this gem of a destination more accessible than ever before.

Innovative Solution to the Nepal Travel Puzzle

Until now, direct flights to Nepal have been a rarity. Turkish Airlines has been the only operator offering this service, exclusively from Istanbul. Otherwise, journeys to Nepal from Western Europe have typically involved tiresome layovers. Himalaya Jet’s entry promises to make travel smoother by offering these long-awaited direct connections.

Unveiling Nepal’s Mystical Charm

Nestled in the heart of the Himalayas, Nepal offers a magical mix of natural and cultural attractions. From scaling Mount Everest to exploring the medieval city of Bhaktapur, it is a trove of adventure for thrill-seekers. Beyond its towering peaks, Nepal’s myriad temples, ancient cities, and national parks beckon with their unique allure.

Behind the Scenes of Himalaya Jet

Himalaya Jet is the brainchild of Shesh Ghale and Jamuna Gurung, belonging to one of Nepal’s wealthiest families. With an estimated fortune of over 1 billion dollars, the enterprising duo have big dreams for their aviation start-up, which promises to change the game of flights to Nepal.

Ready for Take-off in September 2023

According to the company, the first direct flights to Nepal are scheduled to take off in September 2023 from international airports in Paris and London. The long-haul airline, headquartered in the UK, plans to make Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, easily accessible. While it also advertises eastward flights from Zurich, Vienna, Rome, Madrid, and Frankfurt on its website, it remains uncertain if direct connections from these cities to Nepal will be established.

In conclusion, Himalaya Jet’s launch is a significant leap in bringing Nepal closer to the rest of the world. Its promise of direct flights offers exciting possibilities for travelers and could pave the way for further developments in the aviation industry.

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