Ryanair Unveils Exciting New Flight Destinations from Cologne-Bonn Airport

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Ryanair Unveils Exciting New Flight Destinations from Cologne-Bonn AirportAre you ready for more travel options this summer? Ryanair has just announced its new flight schedule, featuring two new destinations and a record number of flights to Mallorca from Cologne-Bonn airport. Let’s dive into the details!


  • Ryanair releases new flight plan, offering more Mallorca connections than ever before
  • Two new destinations from Cologne-Bonn airport: Lanzarote and Venice
  • Increased flight frequency on 30 routes, including Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden in Germany
  • Additional aircraft stationed at Palma de Mallorca airport
  • Ryanair continues to face criticism over customer service and employee treatment

🌞 Ryanair Gears Up for Summer 2023

Kevin Erickson, an expert in the travel industry, brings you the latest updates on Ryanair’s plans for summer 2023. The airline recently unveiled its new flight schedule in a press release, revealing that it will offer more Mallorca connections than ever before. In total, the airline will fly to Palma de Mallorca from 84 airports across Europe and North Africa, including new routes from Paderborn and Klagenfurt.

New Destinations and Increased Flight Frequencies

That’s not all! Ryanair is also adding new destinations to its network, such as Aarhus, Belfast, Rome-Fiumicino, Fez, Marrakesh, Nador, and Warsaw. Cologne-Bonn airport will see the addition of two new routes – Lanzarote (four times a week) and Venice (six times a week). The airline will also increase the number of weekly flights on 30 routes, benefiting passengers traveling from Karlsruhe/Baden-Baden, Barcelona, Marseille, Santiago de Compostela, London-Stansted, and Brussels-Charleroi.

🛫 Expansion at Cologne-Bonn and Palma de Mallorca Airports

Ryanair currently has five aircraft based at Cologne-Bonn airport, making it the airline’s second most important base in Germany after Berlin. This expansion will see a new aircraft added to its Palma de Mallorca fleet, bringing the total number of aircraft at the popular holiday destination to 15. As a result, a whopping 7.8 million Ryanair seats will be available for holidaymakers this year.

Alongside the benefits for travelers, Ryanair is also advertising the creation of 30 new jobs as part of the expansion. Moreover, the airline will offer families the option to pay for their vacations in installments.

👎 Criticism Continues for Ryanair

Despite the exciting new travel options, Ryanair continues to face criticism from customers and employees alike. Passengers often complain about significant delays, lack of comfort on flights, and poor customer service. Employees have also raised concerns about inadequate working conditions and low pay.

However, Ryanair is attempting to address some of these issues by highlighting its eco-friendly initiatives. Two of the airline’s aircraft emit up to 16% less CO₂ and can carry around 4% more passengers compared to other airplanes.

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