Swiss Railways Boosts Service: Half-Hourly Trains Through Gotthard to Ticino

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Swiss Railways Boosts Service: Half-Hourly Trains Through Gotthard to TicinoIn an exciting development for Swiss rail travelers, Swiss Federal Railways (SBB) has announced increased frequency for trains traversing the Gotthard Base Tunnel. With half-hourly service on the north-south axis, commencing in December, the commute to Ticino will become even more convenient. The changes will significantly benefit leisure travelers from German-speaking Switzerland and commuters from Ticino.

By Flora Goodwin

Enhanced Connectivity on the North-South Axis

Starting this December, SBB will upgrade its schedule for the Gotthard Base Tunnel, offering half-hourly connections. The trains will run from 6 AM to 8 PM towards the south, and from 7 AM to 10 PM towards the north. This enhanced frequency will provide additional connections on the north-south axis for the benefit of commuters and leisure travelers alike.

More Direct Links from Geneva to Chur

The changes are not limited to the Gotthard Base Tunnel. SBB will introduce two extra direct connections between Geneva and Chur on the weekends, responding to the route’s popularity among travelers.

Big Changes in Romandie in the Pipeline

While no significant changes are expected in Western Switzerland in the upcoming December schedule, SBB has announced substantial modifications for 2025. Due to multiple construction projects, travelers should anticipate slightly extended travel times. For instance, the journey from Bern to Lausanne will be extended by three minutes, and from Visp to Bern by two minutes.

Investments in Infrastructure

SBB plans to invest around six billion francs in the infrastructure of Western Switzerland by 2030. An additional 1.7 billion francs are earmarked for the Bern node between Flamatt and Thun.

In conclusion, with these changes, SBB shows its commitment to continuously improve the travel experience for its passengers. The increased frequency through the Gotthard Base Tunnel, additional direct links, and significant investments in infrastructure all point towards a promising future for Swiss railway travel.

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