Swiss-UK Direct Train Connection: A Greener and Convenient Travel Alternative

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Swiss-UK Direct Train Connection: A Greener and Convenient Travel AlternativeImagine boarding a train in Switzerland and arriving in London just 5.5 hours later, all without changing trains or dealing with the hassles of air travel. That’s the vision of Swiss parliamentarian Matthias Aebischer, who’s calling for a new direct train link between the two countries. But there’s a catch…


  • Swiss parliamentarian proposes a direct train link from Switzerland to the UK
  • Currently, travelers have to change trains in Paris, taking over seven hours
  • Direct train route could help achieve climate goals by reducing CO2 emissions
  • Basel’s SBB station would need rebuilding to accommodate the new connection
  • Proposal receives support from other politicians

A Greener Way to Travel

As an experienced travel journalist, Kevin Erickson knows the importance of sustainable travel. According to Aebischer, a Social Democrat (SP) politician, strengthening rail transport in international traffic is an essential contribution to achieving climate goals. Train travel is known to cause far fewer CO2 emissions than air travel. By offering a more attractive and convenient alternative, more travelers may choose trains, benefiting the environment and attracting more tourists.

Current Challenges

Travelers from Switzerland to the UK currently face a lengthy and inconvenient journey. They must board a train at Basel SBB, change at Paris Gare de Lyon, take the underground train to Paris Gare du Nord, and then board a connecting train to London St Pancras. The entire trip takes just over seven hours, making it less appealing than flying.

Working Towards a Solution

Aebischer proposes that the Swiss government liaise with Britain and France to explore the possibility of a direct daily train link between Switzerland and the UK. He insists that if Paris, Brussels, and Amsterdam can have direct connections, so can Switzerland. Aebischer’s proposal has gained support from other politicians, such as Basel-based Mitte politician Elisabeth Schneider-Schneiter and Basel-Stadt LDP representative Patricia von Falkenstein.

Overcoming Obstacles

Establishing the new train connection won’t be easy, as Basel’s SBB station would need extensive rebuilding. Due to the UK’s limited participation in the Schengen Agreement after leaving the EU, security and passport controls similar to those at airports would be required. This also means that the Eurostar trains could only use fixed tracks.

Despite these challenges, Aebischer and his supporters believe the potential benefits of a direct train link between Switzerland and the UK are worth the effort. So next time you’re planning a trip to Europe, keep an eye out for this greener and more convenient travel alternative!

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