Timetable 2025: Cities in western Switzerland are fighting back

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Timetable 2025: Cities in western Switzerland are fighting backThe 2025 timetable meets with resistance, but the cities of western Switzerland are fighting for their interests. Flora Goodwin, transport policy expert, sheds light on the situation.

The most important things in brief:

  • Cities in western Switzerland are resisting the 2025 timetable
  • Lausanne and Geneva fear disadvantages for commuters
  • Mayors are demanding better consideration for their cities
  • Expert Flora Goodwin provides insight into the debate

Cities in western Switzerland fight against discrimination

Lausanne and Geneva disagree with the proposed 2025 timetable of the Swiss Federal Railways (SBB). The two cities fear the plans could disadvantage their commuters and worsen their traffic situation. This has led them to resist the roadmap and push for better consideration of their interests.

Cities’ concerns

The two cities of Lausanne and Geneva fear that the 2025 timetable could have a negative impact on their traffic situation. In particular, the planned changes to regional trains and S-Bahn trains are a thorn in the side of the mayors. They fear longer travel times and fewer connections for their commuters. In addition, the timetable could lead to the cities being weakened by long-distance traffic.

Flora Goodwin provides insight

Flora Goodwin, transport policy expert, explains in her contribution how the cities of French-speaking Switzerland defend their interests. It shows that the mayors of Lausanne and Geneva have remained stubborn in the negotiations and have stood up for their cities. At the same time, she points out that the SBB cannot meet all demands, as they also have to take the needs of other regions into account.

The future of the 2025 timetable

The resistance of the cities in western Switzerland shows that the 2025 timetable is not yet in the towel. It remains to be seen whether the SBB will respond to the demands of the cities and how the traffic situation in western Switzerland will develop. Expert Flora Goodwin will continue to monitor the situation and share her views.

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