Traveling by train: A new European Express?

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Train rides offer a unique opportunity to experience firsthand not only your journey’s destination, but also the journey itself. While you relax, the landscape glides past the window and lets you dream of the adventures that await you.

While international train rides were easily a hassle in the past, the future looks bright thanks to new routes all across Europe.

Traveling by train: A new European Express?

Traveling by train was never more tempting

It’s time to book your tickets, pack your bags, and embark on a journey across Europe by train as the European Commission makes traveling a little easier! Supporting ten pilot projects, their goal is to enhance interconnectivity between major European cities for travelers and holiday makers alike, ensuring easier access to more routes and destinations.

Over the next few years, various measures will be implemented, with a substantial focus on expanding the European railway network with the financial assistance of the European Union. Exciting new connections are in store, with some even launching before the summer season. Among the planned routes are trains from Munich to Rome and journeys from Amsterdam to London. This expansion of the rail network is set to connect Europe like never before, providing seamless travel options for anyone looking to explore the diverse and vibrant cities across the continent.

10 exciting new routes

London, Milan, Brussels, Vienna, Madrid… Better start planning your next journey now, because the number of possible destinations is enormous! With these new routes Europe is not only making a big step towards a more sustainable future, but also enabling many people to travel and get to know other countries and cultures.

Here are a few examples of what awaits you:

Amsterdam  –  Brussels  –  Lille  –  London

To foster a better connection between Europe and Great Britain, the Dutch railway operator Spoorwegen plans to expand the route between Amsterdam and London. The European Commission’s model envisions stops in the Belgian capital of Brussels and Lille in Northern France. Travelers can reach this new route from Cologne, Germany, with two connections.

Amsterdam  –  Barcelona (night train)

Imagine embarking on a thrilling night journey from the bustling city of Amsterdam, crossing through captivating landscapes across the Netherlands, Belgium, and France, and finally waking up to the vibrant energy of Barcelona.

Starting in spring 2025, travelers will be able to journey comfortably while they sleep, traversing incredible European countries until they reach the enchanting shores of the Mediterranean Sea in Spain. Further enhancing the convenience of this service, a stop in Brussels has been planned, allowing those traveling from North Rhine-Westphalia to utilize the same trains connecting to London.

Stockholm  –  Malmö  –  Kopenhagen  –  Hamburg  –  Berlin

The introduction of a new night train connecting Stockholm to Berlin has further strengthened Germany’s ties to Scandinavia, offering an increasingly efficient and eco-friendly mode of transport. This exciting new route is a product of a collaboration between the Deutsche Bahn, Sweden’s state-owned railway company SJ, and Malmö’s train service provider Snälltaget.

According to the European Commission, the train will make stops in key cities including Malmö, Copenhagen, and Hamburg, with options to further extend journeys to other popular European destinations such as Prague. Those traveling from North Rhine-Westphalia (NRW) can also hop aboard the Intercity Express (ICE) to either Berlin or Hamburg, connecting them to this remarkable network of travel opportunities.

Paris  –  Venice (night train)

Exciting news for travelers seeking to explore the charming cities of Europe: the European Commission has announced the establishment of a new night train route between France and Italy. This upcoming route will enable passengers to embark on a journey from Paris, passing through the bustling city of Milan, all the way to the enchanting canals of Venice.

For those in North Rhine-Westphalia, ICE and TGV connections to Paris are readily available, making it incredibly convenient for them to access this nocturnal train adventure. Germany, too, offers nighttime rail travel to Venice, with a 12-hour night train operating from Stuttgart. Similar overnight train routes from Stuttgart take passengers to Zagreb and Rijeka in Croatia, as well as to Budapest–further enriching the options for European escapades.

Start planning now!

While it might take a while longer to establish these new routes, this is just perfect to start planning your next trip through Europe and dream from all the new places you will see.

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