Vienna to Prague: Franz-Josefs-Bahn Expansion Boosts Sustainable Travel

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Tired of long travel times between Vienna and Prague? Worry no more! The recent agreement between Austria and the Czech Republic promises to shorten your journey, while promoting sustainable travel options.


  • Franz-Josefs-Bahn expansion agreement between Austria and the Czech Republic
  • Direct connections from Vienna to Prague and Pilsen
  • Travel time reduction by around 40 minutes
  • Sustainable and modern infrastructure
  • Part of the Via Vindobona high-speed connection project
Discover a new way to travel sustainably from Vienna to Prague with the Franz-Josefs-Bahn expansion

Reviving a Century-Old Connection

Over 100 years ago, the Franz-Josefs-Bahn train connected Vienna, Prague, and Berlin. This connection, dubbed “Vindobona,” was relaunched last autumn, and further expansion plans have been agreed upon by both countries to increase the number of direct connections.

Reducing Travel Times

By expanding the railway infrastructure in Austria and the Czech Republic, travel times between Vienna and Prague are expected to be reduced from 5:10 hours to approximately 4:30 hours by 2029. This 40-minute reduction will be achieved through various measures, such as increasing track speed, selective double-track expansions, and modernizing safety technology.

Expanding Connections to Pilsen

A long-term plan includes direct trains from Vienna to Pilsen, the fourth-largest city in the Czech Republic. To achieve this, the railway route between České Budějovice and Pilsen will need to be expanded. This expansion is set to begin in the coming years and is expected to be completed by 2032. As a result, travel time between Vienna and Pilsen will be reduced by approximately 50 minutes to around 4:45 hours.

Via Vindobona: The High-Speed Future

The Franz-Josefs-Bahn expansion is part of a comprehensive concept for improving railway connections between Austria and the Czech Republic. The main international route between Vienna, Brno, and Prague will be upgraded to a high-speed line called “Via Vindobona.” This upgrade aims to reduce travel times between Vienna and Berlin to around four hours and between Vienna and Prague to approximately 2:30 hours.

A Sustainable Travel Solution

As an expert in sustainable travel, Kevin Erickson applauds this railway expansion as it offers an eco-friendly, comfortable, and modern alternative to road travel. This cross-border cooperation strengthens the Euroregion Silva Nortica, improving accessibility to the Waldviertel and South Bohemia regions by train.

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