Viking Line plans an interesting Baltic cruise route for 2024!

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Viking Line plans an interesting Baltic cruise route for 2024!The beauty of Scandinavia could soon be enjoyed on a novel Baltic cruise route, provided a joint venture between Finnish shipping company Viking and Swedish shipping company Gotlandsbolaget gets the green light from the Swedish Competition Authority. A captivating journey awaits, exposing travelers to the charm of the Baltic Sea.


  • The proposed Baltic cruise route will operate in the Baltic triangle of Stockholm-Visby-Mariehamn, providing tourists with eventful days on board.
  • The Swedish Competition Authority (similar to the Trust Division) must approve the joint venture between Viking and Gotlandsbolaget before the route can be inaugurated.
  • If approved, the route will exist for an initial five years, attracting tourists worldwide to experience Scandinavia’s beauty from a ship.

A New Route for 2024

The Finnish shipping company Viking has announced its intention to launch a new Baltic cruise route in the spring of 2024, connecting Stockholm, Mariehamn, and Visby.

The initiative involves a collaboration with the Swedish shipping company Gotlandsbolaget, as per media reports. The agreement seemingly includes a term of five years initially, with an option for extension, pending approval from the Swedish Competition Authority.

“Birka Stockholm” Allocated for the New Route

Gotlandsbolaget had previously acquired the cruise ship “Birka Stockholm” in March 2023 for approximately 38 million euros.

The company now appears ready to relinquish 50% of its shares in the ship for precisely half of the purchase price to Viking Line.

According to, the “Birka Stockholm” will operate the routes Stockholm-Mariehamn and Stockholm-Mariehamn-Visby, while the “Viking Cinderella”, currently serving the former route, will be deployed on the Helsinki-Mariehamn-Stockholm route.

Competition in the Baltic Sea Region

Mariehamn is the capital of the autonomous Finnish Åland Islands, whereas Visby is the capital of the Swedish island of Gotland.

In the Baltic Sea region, Viking competes with Estonian provider Tallinn, particularly on the Tallinn-Helsinki route.

In conclusion

The new Baltic cruise route, proposed to operate between Stockholm, Mariehamn, and Visby, hinges on the approval of the Swedish Competition Authority.

If authorized, this initiative will not only bolster the tourism sector but also offer a unique opportunity for travelers worldwide to experience the breathtaking beauty of Scandinavia from the deck of a ship.

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