Unleash Freedom on Wheels: Your Ultimate Guide to Rent a Car at Guatemala Airport

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Unleash Freedom on Wheels: Your Ultimate Guide to Rent a Car at Guatemala AirportNothing quite matches the allure of hitting the road at your own pace, exploring Guatemala’s spectacular landscapes, colorful villages, and vibrant cities. But here’s the catch – how do you find the perfect wheels for your Guatemalan escapade? In this article, we explore the car rental landscape at Guatemala Airport, leaving no stone unturned.


  • The car rental market in Latin America is booming, expected to reach $9.2 billion by 2022.
  • Renting a car at the Guatemala Airport can provide the ultimate freedom and flexibility for your travels.
  • Mobile apps are increasingly being used for car rental bookings, adding to customer convenience.
  • Among top car rental companies at Guatemala Airport, we’ll explore Budget Rent a Car, Hertz, and Avis.
  • Expert tips to ensure you have a smooth car rental experience at Guatemala Airport.

Riding the Car Rental Wave in Latin America

According to a report by Allied Market Research, the car rental market in Latin America is witnessing significant growth. Expected to reach a whopping $9.2 billion by 2022, the market is growing at a CAGR of 8.6% from 2016 to 2022. This growth is fueled by the increasing tourism industry and a growing preference for independent travel.

“Freedom on Wheels” at Guatemala Airport

As quoted by Ana Lucia Escobar, Manager of Budget Rent a Car Guatemala, “Renting a car at the airport is a convenient option for travelers who want to explore the country on their own terms.” And, with a rise in options for car rentals at Guatemala Airport, it’s a perfect fit for those preferring to take the wheel in their hands.

Exploring the Best Car Rental Companies at Guatemala Airport

Budget Rent a CarBudget Rent a Car

Budget Rent a Car is one of the best and most affordable options for renting a car at Guatemala Airport. Known for their excellent customer service and wide variety of vehicles, Budget offers options to suit any travel style or budget.


Hertz is another reliable and popular choice for car rentals at Guatemala Airport. They offer a diverse fleet of vehicles to choose from, including compact cars for solo travelers or larger SUVs for family trips. Moreover, the Hertz mobile app makes booking and managing your rental a breeze.


Known for its premium services, Avis offers a wide array of vehicles for every kind of traveler. With the convenience of mobile app bookings, Avis ensures a seamless car rental experience for its customers at the Guatemala Airport.

Car Rental in the Digital Age: The Rise of Mobile Apps

Technological advancements are revolutionizing the car rental industry. The use of mobile apps for car rental bookings is on the rise. Companies like Hertz and Avis offer mobile app bookings, making it even more convenient for their customers at the Guatemala airport. This trend not only makes the booking process faster but also allows customers to manage their bookings, select their preferred vehicle, and much more right at their fingertips.

Drive Away with Insider Tips

Before you rev up the engine and hit the road, here are some expert tips:

  • Plan Ahead: Avoid last-minute rushes and high prices by booking your car rental in advance.
  • Insurance is Essential: Opt for comprehensive insurance to cover any unexpected incidents.
  • Check the Car: Before driving off, do a quick check of the vehicle for any existing damages.
  • Understand the Rules: Familiarize yourself with local driving laws to ensure a safe journey.


Is it safe to drive in Guatemala?

While driving in Guatemala can be challenging due to its terrain and traffic, it is generally safe for cautious and experienced drivers. Always adhere to local driving laws and stay updated with local news for any travel advisories.

Do I need an International Driver’s Permit to drive in Guatemala?

No, you can drive in Guatemala with a valid U.S. driver’s license. However, an International Driver’s Permit can be useful as it provides translations into several languages, including Spanish, the official language of Guatemala.

What type of car is best to rent in Guatemala?

The type of car you should rent in Guatemala largely depends on your itinerary. For city driving, a compact car should be enough. However, if you’re planning to explore rural areas or regions with rough terrains, an SUV or 4×4 would be a better option.

What’s included in the car rental insurance in Guatemala?

Car rental insurance in Guatemala generally covers third-party liability, collision damage waiver (CDW), and theft protection. However, it’s always a good idea to check the specifics of the insurance policy with your chosen car rental company.

What is the minimum age to rent a car in Guatemala?

The minimum age to rent a car in most car rental companies in Guatemala is 25 years. However, some companies may rent to younger drivers but often charge an additional fee.

Can I book my car rental at Guatemala airport through a mobile app?

Yes, many car rental companies at Guatemala airport, including Hertz and Avis, offer bookings through their mobile apps. This allows you to make and manage your booking conveniently.

Do I need to refill the fuel before returning the rental car?

Most car rental companies require you to return the car with the same fuel level as at pick-up. If you return it with less, you may be charged for the difference. Always check the fuel policy of the car rental company.

Can I drive the rental car across the border to other countries?

Driving a rental car from Guatemala across the border to other countries is generally not allowed due to insurance and licensing restrictions. Always check with your car rental company about their specific policies on cross-border trips.

What should I do if I have an accident in my rental car in Guatemala?

If you’re involved in an accident, ensure everyone is safe, call the police, and report the incident to your car rental company immediately. Also, make sure to take photos of the incident for documentation purposes.

Are there any hidden charges when renting a car in Guatemala?

While reputable car rental companies will disclose all charges upfront, it’s always a good idea to read the terms and conditions carefully. Charges not included in the quoted price could include additional driver fees, young driver surcharge, or optional extras like GPS or child seats.

How can I get the best deal when renting a car at Guatemala Airport?

Booking in advance, comparing prices from different car rental companies, and checking for any available discounts or promotions can help you get the best deal for your car rental at Guatemala Airport.


As you plan your Guatemalan journey, don’t overlook the freedom and flexibility that a rental car can offer. With the right rental company and a few insider tips, you can experience Guatemala like a local. After all, the best adventures often come on four wheels!

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