Unearth Sacramento’s Best: The Ultimate Guide to Things to Do in Sacramento, CA

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Experience Sacramento, CA to the fullest with our guide to the top things to do. Explore culture, history, dining, and outdoor adventures.

Sacramento, the often overlooked Californian gem. Ever felt like you’re missing out on exploring an urban forest, with tales of the gold rush echoing in the air? Every traveler has been there—yearning for the unsung and the unexplored. The solution? Dive deep into the heart of California and uncover the myriad experiences Sacramento has on offer.


  • Sacramento attracts 15 million visitors every year.
  • It boasts more trees per person than any city worldwide.
  • The city’s rich history and vibrant arts offer a unique mix of experiences.

Why Sacramento Deserves Your Bucket List Spotlight

According to the Sacramento Convention & Visitors Bureau, a staggering 15 million tourists grace this city annually. But what draws them here? Let’s decode.

The Verdant Canopy: Sacramento’s Green Identity

Sacramento isn’t just another city on the map; it’s the “City of Trees”. Surprisingly, even Paris, the celebrated “City of Light”, falls short in the tree-count! With the highest trees per capita globally, Sacramento offers an urban jungle waiting to be explored. Whether you’re lounging at one of its green parks or admiring the canopy on a leisurely drive, the city promises a breath of fresh air.

Dive into History and Culture

Mayor Darrell Steinberg once remarked, “Sacramento has something for everyone. From its rich history and vibrant arts scene, to the natural beauty of the American River Parkway, it’s a city that’s constantly evolving and always surprising.” Dive deep into Sacramento’s Gold Rush past at the Old Sacramento Waterfront or be captivated by contemporary art displays at the Crocker Art Museum. With a seamless blend of the old and new, every corner has a story to tell.

Insider Tips from Flora Goodwin

Flora Goodwin, our seasoned travel journalist, spills some beans on the less-trodden paths: Whispered tales suggest the Midtown area is a hotspot for indie boutiques and gourmet food haunts.
For the nocturnal souls, the Lavender Heights neighborhood promises an electrifying nightlife.
Nature enthusiasts should not miss the American River Bike Trail—a picturesque 32-mile stretch radiating tranquillity.
Let Flora’s hints be your compass in this green cityscape!

Shattering Assumptions: Sacramento Beyond the Surface

Sacramento isn’t just state capitals and governance. With its farm-to-fork dining experiences, bustling farmers’ markets, and craft breweries, it’s a haven for food lovers. Dive into this culinary adventure and challenge the preconceptions!

Unveiling the Riverside Charm

Beyond its leafy avenues and historic landmarks, Sacramento’s riverside expanse is a realm waiting to be cherished. The intertwining Sacramento and American Rivers not only grace the city’s periphery but breathe life into its very essence.

Board one of the classic river cruises, and you’re in for a treat. The gentle ebb and flow of the water, combined with the city’s silhouette during sunset, is nothing short of mesmerizing. It’s not just a sightseeing journey; it’s a transcendental experience. These cruises often recount tales of yesteryears — of gold hunters, pioneers, and the indigenous Nisenan tribe, further enriching the ride.

Adjacent to these rivers are rustic trails perfect for those craving a touch of adventure. Kayaking, paddleboarding, and fishing are just a few of the myriad activities available. And for those who prefer the serenity of the land, picnicking by the riverside as the water laps gently against the shores is a popular choice.

Flora Goodwin once shared an intimate moment of her Sacramento visit: “While everyone flocked to the bustling city center, I found solace by the river. It’s there that I felt the heartbeat of Sacramento. With every ripple, with every bird’s song, the city shared its tales with me.”

Artistic Alleys: Street Art and More

Venturing into Sacramento’s alleys and byways reveals another hidden layer of the city: its street art. Walls adorned with vibrant murals narrate stories of Sacramento’s multicultural legacy, social struggles, and dreams of its inhabitants. These large-scale paintings, often authorized and celebrated, turn everyday walks into immersive art tours. It’s a testament to the city’s commitment to promoting art and making it accessible to all, one alley at a time.


Whether you’re a history buff, a nature enthusiast, or a curious traveler, Sacramento beckons with open arms. With its tapestry of experiences, there’s never a dull moment. It’s time to weave your own Sacramento story!

FAQs about Sacramento

What is Sacramento best known for?

Historically, Sacramento is famous for its role during the Gold Rush era. Today, it’s celebrated for its green spaces, rich culture, and being the “City of Trees.”

Are there any must-visit eateries in Sacramento?

Absolutely! Sacramento takes pride in its farm-to-fork movement, so don’t miss local gems like Magpie Café, Ella Dining Room & Bar, and Mulvaney’s B&L.

How to best explore the “City of Trees”?

Rent a bike and embark on the American River Bike Trail or take a leisurely stroll in any of its lush parks.

Is Sacramento family-friendly?

Indeed! From interactive museums like the California State Railroad Museum to the Sacramento Zoo, there’s something for every family member.

Any annual events not to miss?

Don’t miss the Sacramento Farm-to-Fork Festival, which celebrates the city’s rich agricultural heritage and vibrant culinary scene.


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