From Amsterdam to Barcelona: New Nightjet Rolling Out in 2025

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From Amsterdam to Barcelona: New Nightjet Rolling Out in 2025The Nightjet route from Germany to Venice is already making waves.

With the mobility transition in full swing, the EU is ramping up its direct rail routes, bringing a renaissance to train travel. Next up: an enticing night train connection!

Night Trains: A Reemerging Trend

What was once deemed retro is now ultra-cool. Night trains are back in style, creating quite a buzz. Instead of cramped flights or tedious road trips, travelers can now journey beneath the stars. And it’s not just a trip down memory lane – it’s sustainable. Especially when waking up in the enchanting Venice. Pure magic!

On the Track from Stuttgart to Venice

Ever boarded a train in Germany and woken up in Italy? That’s the magic of the Nightjet route from Stuttgart to Venice. Since its launch in 2022, its popularity has been surging. Drifting off in one country and waking up in another offers not just an adventure but also a comfortable and eco-friendly travel option.

Europe’s Rail Network: Expanding and Thriving

More nocturnal train connections are on the horizon. The European Commission is going all-in on train travel, backing ten pilot projects to broaden the rail network. Three enticing night train routes are about to hit the tracks. The Amsterdam-Barcelona route, set for a 2025 launch, is sure to be among the most anticipated. However, other routes, like Berlin to Stockholm or Paris to Venice, promise to redefine the European travel experience.

The expansion of night train routes across Europe is a clear indication of a shifting mobility landscape. In an era where sustainability is paramount, the Nightjet offers the perfect solution: a comfy journey combined with low carbon footprints. Europe’s rail network is on the rise, and travelers can look forward to a slew of exciting connections that make exploring the continent even more thrilling.

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