Can You Take a Wheelchair on a Plane? A Comprehensive Guide for Accessible Travel!

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Don't let a wheelchair limit your travel plans

Are you or a loved one a wheelchair user and planning a trip? If so, you might be wondering, “Can you take a wheelchair on a plane?” The prospect of air travel with a wheelchair can seem daunting, with questions about logistics, safety, and airline policies. But fear not! We’re here to untangle the complexities of accessible air travel.

TL;DR – Key Points to Remember

  • Under the Air Carrier Access Act, all U.S. airlines must accommodate passengers with disabilities, including allowing wheelchairs on board
  • Airlines may have specific requirements for size and weight of wheelchairs
  • Many airports offer accessible transportation options like shuttle buses with wheelchair lifts

Air Travel with a Wheelchair: Know Your Rights

According to the Air Carrier Access Act, all U.S. airlines are obliged to allow passengers with disabilities to bring their wheelchairs on board. This means you or your loved one have the right to travel with your wheelchair. Remember, knowledge is power, and knowing your rights is the first step to a smooth journey.

Check with Your Airline

While airlines must accommodate wheelchair users, some have specific requirements for the size and weight of wheelchairs. It’s crucial to check these details with your chosen airline before booking. This can save you headaches and ensure a hassle-free experience at the airport.

Accessible Airport Transportation

Getting around the airport itself can also be a challenge. Thankfully, many airports now offer accessible transportation options, like shuttle buses equipped with wheelchair lifts, to help you navigate the airport and reach your gate. Remember to inquire about these services when planning your trip.

Quotes to Inspire

Paralympic athlete Tatyana McFadden once said, “Traveling with a wheelchair can be challenging, but it’s important for people with disabilities to have the same opportunities to explore the world as everyone else.” This resonates with the sentiment of Eric Lipp, Executive Director of the Open Doors Organization, who stated, “The ability to travel is a basic human right, and airlines have a responsibility to ensure that passengers with disabilities are able to do so safely and comfortably.”

Insider Tips for Wheelchair Travel

Here are some insider tips for a smoother air travel experience with a wheelchair:

  • Always arrive at the airport earlier than the recommended time to allow for any unexpected delays.
  • Ensure your wheelchair is clearly labeled with your name and contact information.
  • Take a moment to educate the airline staff about the specifics of handling your wheelchair if it needs to be stored during the flight.

Additional Tips for Traveling with a Wheelchair

Here are a few extra tips to keep in mind when traveling with a wheelchair:

Research Your Destination

Make sure to research the accessibility of your destination. Many cities around the world are becoming more wheelchair-friendly, but it’s still important to know what to expect. Look into accessible attractions, transportation, and accommodation options before you go.

Consider Travel Insurance

Travel insurance can provide peace of mind, covering unforeseen circumstances that may arise during your trip. Ensure your policy covers the replacement cost of your wheelchair, and consider coverage for emergency medical expenses as well.

Bring Spare Parts

If you’re traveling to a place where it might be difficult to find replacement parts for your wheelchair, consider bringing some spares. This could include anything from batteries for an electric wheelchair to nuts and bolts for a manual one.


Air travel with a wheelchair may seem daunting, but knowing your rights, checking airline requirements, and making use of accessible airport services can make the experience significantly smoother. So, ready your wheels for the sky – the world is waiting!


Can I take my electric wheelchair on a plane ?

Yes, you can take your electric wheelchair on a plane, but it’s important to inform your airline in advance as special precautions may need to be taken to safely transport it.

Do I need to disassemble my wheelchair before boarding?

This depends on the airline’s policies. Some airlines may require certain parts of the wheelchair to be disassembled for storage during the flight. It’s best to check with your airline ahead of time.

Can I stay in my wheelchair until boarding the plane?

Most airlines will allow you to remain in your wheelchair until you reach the aircraft, at which point you’ll be transferred to an aisle chair to get to your seat.

How do I ensure my wheelchair doesn’t get damaged during the flight?

Inform airline staff about any special handling instructions for your wheelchair. Also, consider investing in a protective cover for your wheelchair during transit.

What do I do if my wheelchair is damaged during transit?

If you notice damage to your wheelchair upon arrival, report it to the airline immediately. Under the Air Carrier Access Act, airlines are responsible for repairing or replacing damaged mobility devices.

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