€25,000 Italy Rail Journey: Ultimate Luxury Hotel on Wheels

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€25,000 Italy Rail Journey: Ultimate Luxury Hotel on WheelsOrient Express Unveils Luxurious La Dolce Vita Train Journey across Italy

Journey across Italy savoring oysters, truffles, sea urchins, and Italian wine on the European Orient Express. Passengers can expect to traverse some scenic routes near mountains and the sea, with opportunities to disembark at choice events in cities such as Venice, Milan, or Rome.

Travel Italy in Style Aboard ‘La Dolce Vita’ Train

The ‘La Dolce Vita’ train, a new offering by the Orient Express in partnership with ArsenaleSpA, is set to take night train travel to Italy to an unprecedented level. From 2024, it plans to offer multi-day journeys across Italy in carriages that mirror the luxury of a high-end hotel. This fresh concept is attracting luxury tourists looking for new experiences.

Luxury on Rails Comes at a Hefty PriceLuxury on Rails Comes at a Hefty Price

This level of luxury does come with a steep price tag. Prices for a journey of one to three nights start at 6,000 Euros for two people. The routes wind through locations like Palermo, Venice, and Portofino. The most exclusive cabins come with a price tag of 25,000 Euros per night. The exclusivity of the experience and the allure of slow travel through alternative routes and panoramic roads are attracting affluent tourists in search of unique experiences.

A Gourmet Experience Amidst Glamorous Interiors

The opulence doesn’t stop at travel. Each of the 12 Deluxe cabins on board is fitted with a sofa that unfolds into a double bed, stools, a coffee table, and a private bathroom spread over seven square meters. There are 18 Suite cabins that offer even more luxury with a bed, a table with two chairs, and a private bathroom. The cabins span eleven square meters, with the ‘La Dolce Vita’ Suite adding an extra touch of luxury.

As passengers savor specialties such as truffles and sea urchins accompanied by Italian wines, they will be surrounded by the retro glamour, joy, and art of the 1960s. Brass paneling and colors like terracotta and purple are prevalent throughout the train.

The train journeys will initially commence with two trains in 2024, followed by an additional four trains in 2025. Interested parties must pre-register, with the registration phase already underway. A deposit of 500 Euros per cabin is required, and official bookings will open after the summer.

This novel concept is expected to be well-received, as indicated by Arsenale’s CEO Paolo Barletta, who revealed that enough people have already paid the deposit for all available spots for 2024. This venture promises to offer an unforgettable luxurious journey across Italy while celebrating the spirit of La Dolce Vita.

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