Himalaya Jet: Bridging the Gap Between Europe and Nepal in Luxury

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Himalaya Jet: Bridging the Gap Between Europe and Nepal in LuxuryAs the world reopens its doors to travel, new opportunities are emerging. One such opportunity is Himalaya Jet, a recently founded UK-based airline, planning to offer direct flights from Western Europe to Nepal. This marks a significant milestone, as there are currently no non-stop connections between these destinations.

 By Flora Goodwin

Himalaya Jet: Launching a New Era in Long-Haul Travel

Himalaya Jet is not just any airline. It’s a premium-class long-haul airline focused on connecting Europe and the high mountain ranges of Asia. This service caters to travelers seeking to immerse themselves in Nepal’s rich culture or challenge themselves with the daunting ascent of Mount Everest.

A Direct Route: From Europe’s Heart to Nepal’s Capital

Initially, the airline will connect London and Paris with Kathmandu, Nepal’s capital city. However, the company’s official website also lists Frankfurt, Madrid, Rome, Vienna, and Zurich as potential future hubs. While it remains uncertain if direct flights from these cities will be available, they will likely serve as feeder flights at the onset.

Convenience and Comfort: No More Layovers

Currently, those journeying from Western Europe to Nepal must endure at least one layover, with Turkish Airlines offering the only direct service from Istanbul to Nepal. Alternatively, there are connecting flights via the Gulf region. By providing a direct route, Himalaya Jet is filling a void, offering travelers increased convenience and comfort. The first flights are scheduled to take off in September 2023.

Beyond Europe: Ambitious Expansion Plans

Behind Himalaya Jet is Nepal’s second-wealthiest family, entrepreneurs Jamuna Gurung and Shesh Ghale, boasting a fortune of over $1.2 billion. Their vision extends beyond the European metropolises. Future plans include extending their service to North American cities like New York, Toronto, and Washington, as well as Sydney in Australia. Moreover, the start-up is also considering adding destinations in India.

Himalaya Jet is poised to redefine long-haul travel between Europe and Asia, providing an unmatched blend of luxury, convenience, and adventure.

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