Himalaya Jet: New Nepalese Airline Set to Soar into European Skies

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Himalaya Jet: New Nepalese Airline Set to Soar into European SkiesThe skies are about to get busier with the advent of Himalaya Jet, a new Nepalese airline eyeing connections between the capital city of Kathmandu and various European cities. This entry comes as countries like Saudi Arabia and Thailand have also recently announced new airlines.

Kevin Erickson, a seasoned aviation analyst and travel writer, takes you through the fascinating story of this ambitious launch.

Meet Himalaya Jet: Nepal’s Fresh Face in Aviation

Himalaya Jet, the newly founded Nepalese airline, plans to commence operations later this year, connecting Kathmandu to a host of cities across Europe, North America, and Australia, including such notable destinations as London, Frankfurt, Vienna, and Zurich.

Wealthy Nepalese-Australian Family behind the Venture

Himalaya Jet is the brainchild of the Gurung family, the second-richest in Nepal. Despite residing in Australia, the family carries their Nepalese heritage with pride, belonging to the Gurung ethnic group of Tibetan descent. The new airline has been established in the United Kingdom, with its primary aim to connect Nepal to Europe through non-stop flights.

Future Expansion Plans and Flight Operations

The company’s initial targets include major European cities such as London and Paris. The airline is also considering connecting flights to other cities such as Frankfurt, Madrid, Rome, Vienna, and Zurich. Further plans include extending its services to the Australian continent and North America, with cities like Sydney, New York, Washington, and Toronto on the radar.

Anticipations High for Aircraft Selection

The aircraft models to be deployed by Himalaya Jet remain undisclosed. However, a recent visit by airline representatives to Boeing in Seattle suggests a preference for the American aircraft manufacturer. Boeing also serves as a strategic advisor to Himalaya Jet, leading many to anticipate a strong partnership between the two.


The launch of Himalaya Jet offers a promising prospect for direct connections from Europe to Nepal, a luxury lost over the years. As a self-proclaimed premium airline, Himalaya Jet is expected to deliver a compelling onboard experience. Operations are set to begin in September, providing a welcome boost for travellers seeking faster and more convenient connections to the captivating land of Nepal, fondly known as the “roof of the world.”

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