From Madrid to Huesca in less than 2 1/2 hours

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With 3,100 km of track, Spain owns the longest high-speed network in Europe. The rails connecting many cities offer great ways to travel through the country to locals and tourists alike.

From Madrid to Huesca in less than 2 1/2 hours


The biggest network

As one of the most advanced rail systems in the world, the Spanish AVE High-Speed trains cover an impressive 3,100 km of track, making it the longest high-speed network in Europe. These remarkable trains zip along at speeds of up to 310 km/h, providing rapid connections between numerous Spanish cities.

In under three hours, you can travel from the bustling metropolis of Madrid to the vibrant coastal city of Barcelona! The modern, efficient train system effortlessly links a multitude of destinations throughout Spain, including the historical gems of Córdoba and Seville, the sunny beach haven of Malaga, and the architecturally stunning city of Valencia, enhancing both travel and commerce across the nation.

Traveling through Spain

The AVE High-Speed trains, operated by Renfe, offer a remarkable railway experience connecting over 10 Spanish cities, including the bustling metropolises of Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, Malaga, and Sevilla. When planning a train journey from Madrid to Barcelona or any other popular route in Spain, AVE’s High-Speed trains consistently emerge as the top choice for travelers.

Onboard these air-conditioned trains, passengers can choose between the luxurious 1st class (Preferente) and the comfortable 2nd class (Turista), both featuring cozy seats with footrests and ample luggage space. To satisfy hunger pangs and quench thirst, the onboard cafeterias serve delightful drinks and snacks in most of the trains. Throughout the journey, passengers can indulge in entertaining multimedia and audio systems, browse through newspapers and magazines, or lose themselves in captivating films displayed on integrated video walls. The AVE High-Speed trains truly redefine the way one explores the mesmerizing landscape of Spain.

Getting your ticket

The easiest and most convenient way to book a train ticket is online. The train company Renfe offers an easy-to-use website to find the exact ticket you need for your travels.

This makes trip planning incredibly simple and stress-free. While it’s true that you can purchase an AVE train ticket (or any Renfe train ticket) at the station before departure, there are several risks involved, such as sold-out tickets, long queues at the ticket counter, and potential language barriers. To avoid these potentially unpleasant situations, we highly recommend considering purchasing your tickets in advance.

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