Safe money on your trip: Find the lowest priced gas station via app

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Nothing clouds an exciting car ride or road trip like finding the nearest gas station that doesn’t cost vast sums of money. To help you enjoy your trip without worrying too much about the price of the next tank of gas, ADAC offers a free app that allows you to locate the best priced gas station.

You can download the app for free with Google Play or in the App Store.

Safe money on your trip: Find the lowest priced gas station via app

A must-have app for road trips

With the “ADAC Spritpreise App” at your fingertips, you’ll always head straight to the most affordable gas station. This fantastic application not only benefits traditional car owners, but it also keeps electric vehicle drivers covered. Across Europe, its comprehensive database of nearby charging stations ensures that your electric ride always stays powered up. Why worry about high fuel expenses or running out of charge on your essential journeys? With the ADAC Spritpreise App, you’ll save time, money, and energy on every trip.

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More than just a money saver

This app can do more than just finding the most affordable fuel prices at gas stations in Germany. You can easily compare prices of petrol and natural gas (CNG) to ensure you’re getting the best deal. There is much more:

  • In addition, as the world shifts towards more eco-friendly solutions, the app shows the location of over 80,000 electric vehicle charging stations across Europe, featuring convenient filter options to help cut down on unnecessary trips or detours.
  • The state-of-the-art worldwide route planner is designed for use with cars, trailers, and motorhomes, providing safe and efficient navigation with turn-by-turn instructions, all within the app itself.
  • Not only will you avoid getting lost, but you can also stay informed about the latest traffic conditions such as road construction and other disruptions en route.
  • ADAC has your whole holiday covered, with local support including information on ADAC offices, travel agencies, mobility partners, and driver safety centers, available at your fingertips.

Start planning now

When planning a trip, there is a lot to think about. While the ADAC app can’t do everything for you  –  you still have to enjoy the holiday yourself  –  it surely covers a big chunk of the tasks that can decide whether the trip will be a success or not. Even when there is no holiday ahead of you, finding the best prized gas station is always welcome.

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