By train through Spain: The longest high-speed network in Europe

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Sitting in Huesca, you plan to travel to Madrid for the weekend. Luckily, with Spain’s high-speed network, this trip will not even take 3 hours  –  all while you can relax in a modern train and enjoy the view.

By train through Spain: The longest high-speed network in Europe

What are AVE and Renfe?

AVE, short for “Alta Velocidad Española,” is an extraordinary high-speed rail service in Spain operated by Renfe, the country’s national railway company. Passengers who board these futuristic trains have the opportunity to experience breathtaking views of the Spanish countryside while reaching their destinations in record time. Travelers can choose from various classes, like the luxurious Preferente or the more affordable Turista, each tailored to suit different budgets and preferences.

AVE has truly revolutionized the way people travel across Spain, making it an essential mode of transportation not only for business executives, but also for sightseers and families on vacation. If you ever find yourself in Spain, don’t miss out on the unparalleled experience that AVE has to offer.

The modern way to travel

The AVE High-Speed trains truly are a marvel of modern transportation engineering. These trains defy traditional rail travel by reaching impressive speeds of 349 kilometers per hour (217 miles per hour) on some routes, significantly reducing travel time and offering a thrilling experience to passengers. The AVE network is the biggest in Europe and second biggest in the world, only exceeded by China.

The precision crafting and innovative technology make these trains not only incredibly fast, but also eminently comfortable and safe. Imagine traversing the beautiful European landscape and experiencing the exhilaration of flying across the countryside with wind rushing by and panoramic views stealing your breath away; AVE High-Speed Zugs make this dream a reality.

This mode of transportation has revolutionized the way people travel within Spain, as it not only strengthens the connection between cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and many more, but also leaves an ecologically smaller footprint compared to other forms of transit. AVE High-Speed Zug showcases the endless potential and innovation in modern transportation when ingenuity and technology seamlessly harmonize to redefine the way of getting from point A to point B.

Getting your ticket online

If you’re planning to explore the enchanting world of Spain, consider hopping aboard the AVE Renfe High-Speed trains for a truly mesmerizing experience. Not only do these trains offer a convenient and efficient mode of transport, but they also provide an exceptional journey through the breathtaking Spanish landscapes. To ensure a hassle-free trip, it’s advisable to book your tickets online beforehand. Renfe’s online booking system is user-friendly, allowing you to have your tickets in no time. Once you’re all set, you can sit back, relax and immerse yourself in the magical adventure that awaits you.

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