Can You Bring Slime (Play-Doh) on Planes?

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Play-Doh Slime

Carry-on bags

Yes, with conditions

Checked luggage


Rules for Flights in the USA

In the United States, slime is allowed in hand and checked baggage under certain restrictions. Although it’s not entirely a liquid, slime counts as a liquid in carry-on and should be in containers of 3.4 ounces / 100 milliliters or less. The containers should be packed together with other liquids in a 1-quart clear and resealable plastic bag.

There is no limit to how much slime you can take in checked baggage. Slime shouldn’t contain any flammable ingredients or banned chemicals or they won’t be permitted onboard the plane. Although generally accepted, the airport security agent has the final call on letting any slime pass the security checkpoint.

Rules for Flights in Other Countries

Canada, Europe, the United Kingdom, Australia, New Zealand, China, and India

Canadian, European, United Kingdom, Australian, New Zealand, Chinese, and Indian authorities don’t mention slime specifically as allowed or banned from planes. Generally though, they follow similar rules to the US, and slime is permitted in hand and checked baggage. When traveling in a carry-on, slime is considered a liquid and should be under 3.4 ounces / 100 milliliters. It should also be packed inside a resealable and clear 1-liter bag. There aren’t any restrictions for packing slime in checked baggage.

On Australian and New Zealand domestic flights, there aren’t any restrictions for liquids in hand baggage, so you can pack slime in any quantities in your carry-on and personal item.


Sources: For writing this article, we took information only from official sources, like airline regulators, government websites, and major airlines. If you want to confirm that our information is accurate and up to date, click on any of the links mentioned above. We linked out to where we found this information for each country.

Disclaimer: The final decision of whether you can bring slime on planes always rests on the security officer. Some airlines also have additional rules that may be different.

Frequently Asked Questions About Bringing Slime on Planes

Is slime considered a liquid on airplanes?

Yes, slime is considered a liquid on airplanes in the United States. Although slime isn’t entirely a liquid nor solid substance, TSA treats them as liquids and applies the 3-1-1 liquids rule to them. Passengers that pack slime in hand baggage, must pack it in 3.4 ounces / 100 milliliters containers and store it together with other liquids in a 1-quart clear, resealable toiletry bag.

Can I bring any type of play dough, putty, or slime on planes?

In general, you can bring any type of play dough, putty, or slime on planes in the United States. Slimes are generally permitted in hand and cargo baggage but they are classified as liquids. In hand baggage, slimes are limited to 3.4 ounce / 100 milliliters containers and must travel with other liquids in a 1-liter toiletry bag.

Passengers should also make sure their slimes (particularly homemade slimes) aren’t made with any flammable products or forbidden chemicals. Although generally permitted, the airport security agent makes the final call on letting them through security.

Do I need to take out slime when going through security?

Yes, you need to take out slime when going through airport security in the United States. Slime counts as a liquid when packed in a carry-on. The general rule states that toiletry bags with liquids must be taken out of the carry-on when going through airport security. Since slimes must be packed in 3.4 ounces / 100 milliliters containers inside the toiletry bag, this means you also need to take them out of your baggage when going through the security checkpoint.

Is it better to pack slime in hand or checked luggage?

Overall, it’s best to pack slime in checked baggage when traveling in the United States. Since slime counts as a liquid, if you pack it in a carry-on then it will occupy space in your limited toiletry bag. It’s recommended to use the toiletry bag for essential items you’ll need during your flight or things you can’t be without if you lose your checked baggage. It’s best to pack the slime in your hold baggage unless you intend to use it as an anxiety relief tool or a toy for your kid.

What’s the best way to pack slime in my luggage?

The best way to pack slime in your luggage is to pack it inside a sealed container in your checked luggage. Slimes are allowed in cabin and cargo baggage. But, since it’s classified as a liquid it can only travel in limited quantities in your carry-on. Therefore, it’s best to pack it in checked baggage. You can use a slime plastic container or a resealable bag to store your slime and prevent any spills and making a mess.

Am I allowed to bring homemade slime on planes?

Yes, you are allowed to bring homemade slime on United States planes under certain restrictions. Homemade slime is considered a liquid when traveling in carry-on luggage. Therefore, it’s limited to a 3.4 ounce / 100 milliliters container and must fit with other toiletries in a 1-liter toiletry bag. You can pack larger quantities in checked baggage. If you’re planning on taking slime in hand baggage, make sure none of its ingredients could trigger an alarm, and identify its container so an agent can easily know what it is.

Can I also bring fidget toys on planes?

Yes, you can bring fidget toys on planes in the United States. Fidget spinners and other fidget toys are allowed in cabin and cargo baggage. However, fidget toys with sharp edges, or that could be considered a weapons will not be allowed in hand baggage.

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Can I also bring kinetic sand on planes?

Generally, kinetic sand is permitted onboard planes in the United States. However, kinetic sand counts as a granular material and is subject to TSA’s powder rule. This means quantities over 12 ounces / 350 milliliters traveling in a carry-on must go through inspection. If the kinetic sand raises any safety concerns, it won’t be allowed through airport security.

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