Unleashing The Power: Can I Bring a Power Bank on a Plane?

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Unleashing The Power: Can I Bring a Power Bank on a Plane?Oh, the fear of a dwindling battery on a long flight! Whether you’re a tech-junkie, a business traveler, or an inflight Netflix binger, we all dread that low battery warning. Even more confusing, can you bring that nifty power bank on a plane?


  • According to the FAA, power banks with a capacity of 100 watt-hours or less are allowed in carry-on baggage.
  • Power banks exceeding 100 watt-hours are not allowed on planes.
  • Always check with your airline before you travel with a power bank.
  • The TSA screened over 2 million power banks in 2019 alone.
  • Be a smart traveler and know your power bank’s specs.

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The Power Bank Paradox: Your Ticket to Uninterrupted Connectivity

Let’s face it. In today’s hyper-connected world, a power bank has become as essential a travel accessory as your passport. But, bringing one on a plane can feel like navigating a minefield. This is where we swoop in!

Understanding the Watt-Hours (Wh)

You may be thinking, “Watt-who?” Well, watt-hours (Wh) is the magic number when it comes to whether your power bank can hop on that plane with you. John Cox, a seasoned aviation safety consultant and former airline pilot, says, “Power banks are allowed on planes, but it’s important to make sure they meet the FAA’s guidelines. If you’re unsure, check with your airline before you travel.” In layman terms, if your power bank has a capacity of 100 Wh or less, you’re good to go. Anything more, and you’ll have to leave it behind.

Power Banks in Perspective: Are They Really That Popular?

Well, the numbers don’t lie. In 2019, the Transportation Security Administration (TSA) reported that they screened over 2 million power banks at airport security checkpoints in the United States. That’s a lot of charged-up travelers!

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The Right Way to Pack Your Power Bank

Here’s an insider tip: always pack your power bank in your carry-on luggage. Checked bags and power banks don’t mix well. The reason? The FAA’s safety regulations, aiming to prevent any possible short-circuits.

Travel with Power: Navigating the Power Bank Minefield

So, you’re still wondering, can you bring your power bank on a plane? Absolutely! Just be savvy about it. Be mindful of the Wh capacity, pack it in your carry-on, and always check with your airline. It’s better to be safe than sorry (or out of battery)!

Bonus Tips: A Peek into Flora Goodwin’s Travel Bag

Wondering what kind of power bank a seasoned travel journalist carries?

High on Capacity, Compact in Size

The perfect power bank for air travel should pack in sufficient power and still fit snugly into your carry-on. Go for one that has a capacity of around 10,000 mAh. This should give you at least two full charges for your smartphone, without breaching the airline’s 100Wh limit.

Multiple Ports: Because Sharing is Caring

Opt for a power bank with multiple USB ports. Imagine being able to charge your phone, e-reader, and headphones all at the same time. It’s a lifesaver, especially on those long-haul flights!

Power Delivery (PD) Support: For the Fast and Furious

If you are a power user (pun intended) or have devices that support PD, you would love a power bank with PD support. It allows for faster charging, ensuring your devices are ready to go when you are.

Carrying the Power: Safe and Stylish

Just because it’s tech gear doesn’t mean it can’t be trendy! There are countless chic carry cases for power banks that not only protect your device from damage but also add a dash of style to your travel gear.

The Take-Off: Soaring High with Your Power Bank

Understanding the rules of air travel with power banks can seem like a daunting task. But now, with all the tips and guidelines at your fingertips, you are ready to embark on your journey. So, pack smart, stay powered up, and let the adventures begin!


Q: How can I check the watt-hours of my power bank?

Most manufacturers indicate the capacity on the device itself. If not, you can calculate it: (mAh)*(V)/1000 = Wh.

Q: Can I bring a power bank in my checked luggage?

No, according to FAA guidelines, power banks should be in your carry-on luggage.

Q: What happens if my power bank is over 100Wh?

Power banks over 100Wh are generally not allowed on flights. However, with airline approval, you might be able to carry power banks between 100 and 160Wh.

Q: How many power banks can I bring on a plane?

There is no specific limit, but it’s wise to bring only what you need. All should fit comfortably in your carry-on.

Q: Are all airlines power bank policies the same?

No, while most airlines follow FAA guidelines, there may be variations. Always check with your airline.

Q: Do I need to declare my power bank at security?

Yes, it’s always a good idea to declare your power bank at security. Some airports may have specific rules about them.

Q: Can power banks explode on planes?

While extremely rare, power banks can potentially catch fire due to poor circuit design or substandard batteries. This is why it’s important to buy power banks from reputable brands.

Q: Is there a risk in using my device while it’s charging from a power bank?

No, using your device while it’s charging shouldn’t pose a risk. However, it might slow down the charging process.

Wrapping Up The Power Story

Air travel with a power bank doesn’t have to be a head-scratcher. With the right knowledge and some careful packing, you can bring along your trusty gadget and keep your devices charged throughout your journey. No more low-battery anxiety – just sit back, relax, and enjoy your flight, your fully charged device in hand.


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