The Ultimate Guide to the Best Places to Visit in Japan

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Explore the best places to visit in Japan, from vibrant Tokyo to serene Kyoto. Unforgettable experiences await!

With its unique blend of traditional culture and dazzling modernity, Japan offers an incredible tapestry of experiences that captivate the senses and ignite the spirit of adventure. Yet, with so much to explore, planning a trip can feel overwhelming. Fear not, we’re here to help! Travel journalist Kevin Erickson has curated a list of the must-visit places in Japan that promise a truly unforgettable journey.


  • Uncover the timeless beauty of Kyoto
  • Experience Tokyo’s electrifying cityscape
  • Discover the cultural heartbeat of Osaka
  • Immerse yourself in Hiroshima’s poignant history
  • Explore the stunning wilderness of Yakushima

The Timeless Beauty of Kyoto

The ancient capital of Japan, Kyoto, is a living testament to Japan’s rich history and tradition. With over 1,600 temples, serene Zen gardens, and the magnificent Fushimi Inari Shrine with its iconic torii gate pathway, Kyoto transports you back to Japan’s imperial past. A visit during the cherry blossom or fall foliage season will make your journey especially magical.

Tokyo: The City That Never Sleeps

Japan’s vibrant capital, Tokyo, presents an electrifying mix of neon skyscrapers, pop culture, high-tech innovations, and bustling street markets. From the fashion hub of Shibuya to the historic Asakusa district and the otaku paradise of Akihabara, Tokyo is a city of delightful contrasts that never fails to impress.

Osaka: The Nation’s Kitchen

Known as the “nation’s kitchen,” Osaka is a haven for food lovers. From street-side takoyaki and okonomiyaki to high-end kaiseki cuisine, Osaka offers a culinary journey like no other. Don’t miss the lively Dotonbori area and Osaka Castle, a symbol of the city’s historical heritage.

Embark on an enchanting journey through Japan's wonders! Find best places to visit in Japan.

Hiroshima: History and Resilience

Hiroshima, though known for its tragic past, showcases remarkable resilience and peace. The Peace Memorial Park and Museum provide profound insights into the catastrophic impact of the atomic bomb, while the scenic Miyajima Island, just a short ferry ride away, offers a tranquil escape.

Yakushima: Island of Ancient Forests

A trip off the beaten path leads to Yakushima, a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Famous for its ancient cedar forests, which inspired the animated film “Princess Mononoke,” Yakushima is an enchanting realm of nature where you might even encounter the endangered Japanese macaque.

Nara: The Birthplace of Japanese Culture

Nestled in the Kansai region, Nara is often overshadowed by its more popular neighbors, Kyoto and Osaka. Yet, as the first permanent capital of Japan, Nara is brimming with historical treasures. It’s home to Todai-ji, the world’s largest wooden structure housing a towering Buddha statue, and Kasuga Taisha, a beautiful Shinto shrine surrounded by thousands of stone lanterns. But Nara’s charm doesn’t stop at its temples. The city’s park is famous for its hundreds of free-roaming deer, considered sacred and protected as national treasures.

Hokkaido: Nature’s Paradise

If you crave pristine wilderness, set your sights on Hokkaido, Japan’s northernmost island. Here, you’ll find stunning landscapes, from volcanic hot springs in Noboribetsu to lavender fields in Furano. Daisetsuzan National Park offers incredible hiking trails, while the Shiretoko Peninsula, a UNESCO World Heritage site, boasts wildlife such as brown bears and sea eagles. In winter, the snow festival in Sapporo, the region’s capital, showcases spectacular ice and snow sculptures.

Nagasaki: A Tale of Triumph

Nagasaki’s past is imbued with foreign influences and a tragic history, making it a poignant visit. The Peace Park and Atomic Bomb Museum narrate the tale of its WWII devastation, while Glover Garden and Oura Church highlight the city’s close ties with the West during Japan’s period of national isolation. For a tranquil getaway, the nearby Gunkanjima (Battleship Island), an abandoned coal mining facility and a UNESCO World Heritage Site, offers a fascinating glimpse into Japan’s industrial past.


From ancient traditions to futuristic cityscapes, Japan offers a unique travel experience that transcends the ordinary. As Chris Rowthorn, a Lonely Planet writer and Japan travel expert, aptly puts it, “Japan is a world apart – a cultural Galápagos where a unique civilization blossomed, and today thrives in delicious contrasts of traditional and modern.” So why wait? Begin your Japanese adventure today!


When is the best time to visit Japan?

The best time to visit Japan is in spring (March to May) for cherry blossoms, and fall (September to November) for autumn colors. However, Japan has something to offer in every season.

What should I eat in Japan?

Japan boasts a rich culinary tradition. Must-try dishes include sushi, ramen, tempura, yakitori, and regional specialties such as Kyoto’s kaiseki and Osaka’s takoyaki.

How can I travel sustainably in Japan?

Embrace the Japanese concept of ‘mottainai’ (waste not, want not). Utilize public transportation, avoid disposable items, respect local customs, and consider staying in eco-friendly accommodations.

Is Japan expensive to visit?

While Japan can be pricier than other Asian countries, it offers a range of options for different budgets. Prepaid transportation cards, affordable eateries, and a variety of accommodations can make your trip economical without compromising the experience.


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