Best Suitcases With Compartments Compared

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Packing can be challenging, especially when we are flying with a limited luggage allowance. If you are very organized, you might want to look at getting a suitcase with compartments because they make packing so much easier!

This article explores different ways you can organize your suitcase: by getting luggage with built-in shelves or drawers, getting a carry-on that comes with a laptop pocket, or even using packing cubes and compression cubes.

Different Options for “A More Organized” Suitcase

For travelers who have a little bit of difficulty packing and organizing their things, here are some suitcases that can make life easier for you.

Option 1: Suitcases With Built-in Drawers

Some suitcases come with more than meets the eye. Instead of being a simple suitcase with a compartment (or two) for you to put all your things in, there are travel suitcases with built-in drawers.

Now, you can easily separate shirts from pants and other clothing items. You have a place to put your toiletries and other things you will be packing. When you get to the hotel, you won’t have a hard time putting your things away or looking for the items you need.

Option 2: Professional Makeup Suitcases

For makeup artists, a suitcase with compartments is an absolute must-have, especially for those who travel around the world carrying their tools, brushes, and other items with them. That way, it remains organized and they know where to grab what they need when they need them.

Even if you aren’t a makeup artist, you might benefit from how a makeup suitcase keeps everything neat and in order. There’s a drawer or compartment for almost everything and you’ll be able to store the things you’ll be bringing very easily, from clothes to toiletries and other items. The only downside is that they’re usually heavier because of all the drawers and compartments.

Option 3: Carry-ons With a Front Laptop Compartment

Do you often travel for work? Some carry-on suitcases come with a front compartment that is big enough to place your laptop inside. Aside from holding a change of clothes, some toiletries, and other personal belongings that you need for your trip, these kinds of suitcases make traveling for business a lot easier.

With a carry-on that allows you to store your laptop in a front pocket, you won’t have to bring a laptop bag aside from your personal bag. You can just place your laptop into the carry-on suitcase. This allows you to easily reach out and get your laptop in case you need to send an email just before the flight departs or even to work on something during your trip.

Option 4: Organizing a Regular Suitcase With Compressible Hanging Shelves

Let’s say you recently bought a suitcase or you have one that you’ve been using for several years and is still in good condition. What else can you do so you don’t have to buy new luggage with all those fancy compartments?

Thankfully, there are other kinds of travel gear that travel brands sell, including hanging shelves. This allows you to store all your things like you would in your clothes closet. You can neatly fold pants, shirts, ties, undergarments, and the other items you will be bringing and assign each one a space or a slot.

Option 5: Organizing a Regular Suitcase With Packing Cubes

If you like the flexibility of a suitcase without specialized compartments, but still want something to help organize the things you pack, try using packing cubes.

There are different kinds that serve different purposes. Some of them are waterproof or water repellant to help protect your clean clothes. Some of them come in different sizes and different colors, so you’ll definitely be able to find something that suits your taste. You can have a bag for top and bottom wear, undergarments, toiletries, and even a bag for dirty laundry.

Suitcases With Built-in Drawer Compartments

1. Solgaardd Carry-on Closet

The solgaard carry-on closet
Key Features:
– Six-shelf system for better organization
– Polycarbonate shell and aluminum frame
– Frictionless wheels

If you’re looking for a suitcase that can make both packing and unpacking easy for you, take a look at the Solgaard Carry-on Closet, which is aptly named so because of all the wonders it can do. It comes with six shelves that you pull out when you pack or unpack. On each shelf, you can neatly fold and place what you will be bringing. Pants and shorts can go on one shelf, while t-shirts can go on another.

The built-in closet that comes with the suitcase is also easily removable. If you find that you need to pack a little more extra clothes or plan to do a little shopping on your trip, you can opt to remove the closet. You can also remove the closet from your luggage when you get to the hotel and hang it from the closet or clothing rack.

Aside from these great organizational elements, the Solgaard Carry-on Closet has a lot of other wonderful features. There’s a TSA-approved lock that comes with a code so you don’t have to worry about purchasing a separate lock for your suitcase.

The body of the suitcase is made from a polycarbonate shell with a lightweight aluminum frame which makes it sturdy and durable. It is waterproof and scratch-resistant and, on top of that, its wheels are frictionless which will help you maneuver your luggage around the airport and wherever you travel with a lot of ease.

2. The Pull-up Suitcase

The pull-up suitcase with drawers
Key Features:
– Built-in closet with 6 shelves
– Packing cubes
– Exterior pocket

The Pull-up Suitcase is a great traveling companion for those who often go out of town or even out of the country for work.

Because of its flat top, it can convert into a portable desk for you to send a few emails or finish a presentation while waiting for your flight. You can easily place your laptop on top of it and get to work. It even comes with an exterior pocket where you can place documents, business cards, or even a tablet or laptop.

It comes with packing cubes that will help you organize your things before you place them into your bag. You even have a bag for toiletries and a garment bag if you’re traveling with suits or dresses.

The best thing about the Pull-up Suitcase, however, is that it pulls up into 6 shelves where you can divide your items into when you’re organizing the things you will be bringing on your trip. All you have to do is pull it up and put your items in. When you’re not using it, it folds back into the size and height of a regular suitcase.

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Professional Make-up Suitcases

3. Yaheetech Makeup Carry-on With Drawers

Best Suitcases With Compartments Compared 1
Key Features:
– Top-grade ABS plastic veneer, aluminum material
– Metal safety latches
– Large compartments and slide-out trays and drawers

Whether you’re a make-up artist or a traveler who just loves a well-organized suitcase, this might be the luggage of your dreams.

The Yaheetech Makeup Carry-on comes with drawers and trays for just about anything that you will need to bring along. It has a large drawer compartment at the bottom and another large upper compartment to place items like flat/curling irons, hair sprays, and other items of bigger sizes.

Aside from these two main compartments, you’ve also got four slide-out drawers that can hold smaller items like lipstick, nail polish, essential oils, hairpins, and some smaller makeup palettes.

The suitcase is made of top-grade ABS plastic veneer and its edges have been reinforced by aluminum and metal, making it sturdy and secure no matter where you go. The suitcase locks with metal safety lockable latches that will keep your items secure. The 360˚ swivel wheels allow you to pull your luggage along smoothly and silently.

4. Yaheetech Checked Rolling Makeup Trunk With Drawers

Best Suitcases With Compartments Compared 2
Key Features:
– High-load capacity
– Large upper and bottom compartments
– Detachable upper compartment with strap

If you’re a makeup artist who travels often, doing makeup for weddings, events, or other special occasions, the Yaheetech Checked Rolling Makeup Trunk with Drawers might just be the solution for your travel needs.

It’s a high-load capacity that serves as the perfect storage for all the things you need to bring—hair tools, cosmetics and nail tools, makeup palettes, and more. There are retractable trays and a separated middle tray that allows you to display your items so you can easily access them.

The large upper and bottom compartments allow you to store bigger items as they don’t come with dividers. The topmost case can be detached from the main frame and a strap attached for easy carrying.

It comes with four detachable wheels that roll quietly and effortlessly and its removable pull handle is easily fastened to the makeup train case with an easy magic tape. The cases are locked with heavy-duty metal clamps to ensure that your items remain secure. Every corner of the suitcase is protected by metal and plastic so it lasts a long time.

Carry-Ons With Laptop Compartments

5. Delsey Paris 19-Inch Carry-on With Laptop Compartment

Best Suitcases With Compartments Compared 3
Key Features:
– Titanium hard case
– Convenient front pocket
– Expandable main compartment

Do you often travel for work and find it such a hassle to bring both a personal bag and a laptop bag in your carry-on? With Delsey Paris’ 19-Inch Carry-on, you have a suitcase that comes with a laptop compartment so you won’t be carrying too many bags during your trip.

Delsey Paris is one of those luxury brands that is known for its high quality and durability. This suitcase in particular comes with double-spinner wheels that can help you maneuver your luggage with ease. Its body is made of a lightweight and durable polycarbonate shell, something that will help put your mind at ease, as this is resilient to breaking.

What’s even better is that this luggage comes with a large front pocket with a built-in padded sleeve that can carry a laptop or other documents. That way, you don’t have to bring your laptop bag aside from your suitcase and you can easily access it anytime you need to work.

Its main compartment is also expandable so you can maximize space and easily fit in clothes and other items you need to bring on the trip. There are two fully-lined compartments and web straps to hold your items securely. It also comes with a zippered pocket where you can put more delicate items and a TSA-approved lock.

6. Coolife 20-Inch Carry-on With Laptop Compartment

Best Suitcases With Compartments Compared 4
Key Features:
– Lightweight, durable hard shell material
– Easy-access front compartment
– Practical interior with several pockets

Coolife is another brand with great carry-on luggage that comes with a laptop compartment. It’s made of lightweight, durable ABS+PC hardshell material. This makes the luggage durable and flexible so it absorbs the impact when under stress.

This Coolife 20-inch carry-on suitcase comes with a front compartment that can open up to 180 degrees. It gives you easy access to your laptop, tablet, documents, and other items that you need to take with you on your trip. That’s why this luggage is perfect for just about any trip, whether for business or pleasure.

Another great feature this suitcase has is its interiors. It comes with a crossed fixing band to keep your things from moving and several mesh pockets to keep smaller valuables well-organized.

The suitcase also comes with a TSA-approved lock, an adjustable 3-step telescoping handle system with an ergonomic grip. It also has wheels that allow for 360-degree rotations so you can pull or push your luggage along with no difficulty at all.

Compressable Hanging Shelves

7. Stow-N-Go Travel Organizers With Built-in Shelves

Best Suitcases With Compartments Compared 5
Key Features:
– Easy to load and collapse
– Compression technique
– Zippered compartment

If you still have luggage that works really well and don’t want to buy a new one with all those built-in drawers or pull-up shelves, you can always get a compressible hanging shelf.

This travel organizer by Stow-N-Go comes with built-in shelves that are easy to use. All you have to do is hang them up, load them with your folded clothes, shoes, accessories, and whatever else you will be bringing, then collapse them and pack them into your suitcase.

This Stow-N-Go travel organizer is a 3-tier shelf with steel hooks that you can easily hang from your closet or shower curtain rod. That makes staying at a hotel easier because you don’t have to unpack everything all at once.

It has a compression technique that reduces your wrinkles because it keeps your clothes flat in your bag. This is especially helpful if you’re going on business trips so your clothes don’t become bunched up inside your suitcase.

The best part about it is that it has a separate, zippered compartment at the bottom for dirty clothes. With that, you won’t have to worry about mixing your clean clothes with the dirty ones so you can avoid having to do extra laundry when you get back from your trip.

8. Tabitora Portable Hanging Travel Shelves

Best Suitcases With Compartments Compared 6
Key Features:
– Water repellant fabric
– Foldable
– Adjustable buckle

Tabitora’s Portable Hanging Travel Shelves are another great option for organizing your things before you go on a trip. Their travel shelves are made of polyester fiber, which makes them strong and durable while at the same time being light and breathable.

One of the best things about Tabitor’s travel shelves is that their body is made of water repellent and mesh material. If you accidentally splash water on your clothes, you don’t have to worry about them getting soaked. Plus, the mesh allows air to flow through so your clothes don’t retain odors and moisture.

If you’re not using your travel shelf at the moment, you can always fold it up and store it in your luggage to use on the return trip home or when you’re going to your next destination. You don’t need to worry about it taking up too much space as it is very compact.

Tabitora’s travel shelves have a large capacity and come with strong hooks so you can hang them up anywhere. They also have an adjustable buckle that can help you compress air as you place it in your luggage. The buckle also keeps your things from spilling out so your items remain secure.

At the bottom is a zippered compartment where you can place dirty laundry, shoes, or other things you want separate from the rest.

Packing Cubes

9. Shacke Pak 5-Piece Packing Cube Set

Best Suitcases With Compartments Compared 7
Key Features:
– Puncture and tear-resistant fabric
– YKK zippers
– Affordable

The Shacke Pak Packing Cube Set comes with four packing cubes and one large laundry bag. It’s one of the more affordable options and it seems to be popular, too, especially if you look up their reviews on Amazon.

These packing cubes are made of polyester fabric that seems to be thicker than other similar packing cubes. This makes it resistant to punctures and tears. Their double stitching also helps reinforce the lid so it can hold your clothes better.

The laundry bag fabric seems to be water-resistant, or at most, water repellent. If you come from a swim and place slightly damp clothes inside, you don’t need to worry about the things around your laundry bag getting wet.

What makes this packing cube set also stand out is that it uses YKK zippers. If you haven’t heard of YKK zippers yet, they are the most durable zipper brand. They zip and unzip easily and don’t get stuck in the fabric

10. Leantravel 3-Piece Compression Cube Set

Best Suitcases With Compartments Compared 8
Key Features:
– Reinforced walls
– Anti-catch technology for zippers
– Double-zipper extra compression feature

If you’re looking for a travel organizer that’s simple, durable, and stylish, check out the Leantravel 3-Piece Compression Cube Set. They are very affordable and one of the more popular options for those who have tried various compression or packing cubes.

As a compression cube, this Leantravel organizer is very effective. They are made of thick, sturdy material that doesn’t easily tear or get punctured. The zippers are made of high quality and anti-catch technology so it doesn’t snag when you open or close it.

The walls and corners of this compression cube are reinforced with wires so that it holds its form so you can pack or unpack with ease. They are also very effective in helping you organize your bag and the mesh top helps you see what you packed so you don’t need to take everything out when you are looking for a particular clothing item.

What’s best is that they are more spacious as compared to other compression cubes in the market so you will definitely be able to put a lot of items inside when you pack. And, because it’s a compression cube, all you have to do is close the second zipper for it to fit into your luggage.

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