8 Must-Have Apps Everyone Should Install While Traveling Abroad

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Traveling to different countries enables you to see amazing places, get acquainted with interesting people, and discover new cultures. However, preparation for every trip requires time and effort.

Fortunately, there are a large number of online tools and instruments that will be useful before and during your trip to a foreign country. Let’s consider what the best travel apps should be installed on your device to make your trip unforgettable.

8 Best Must-Have Apps Everyone Should Install While Traveling Abroad Complete List

Travel List

When you plan your trip to another country, there is always a fear of forgetting something important. To make sure you pack your charger, toothbrush, and other necessary things, the Travel List application will be handy for you. This tool assists you in simply organizing the items you’ll put in your suitcase.

Travel List likewise provides users with the possibility to add a reminder for the things they should pack at the last minute. With this application, you will make sure everything is ready before departure. The Travel List tool is available for iPhone users for $1.99.


Whether you travel with your smartphone or laptop, it is advisable to download a VPN extension on your device. For example, VPN for Mac can be installed within several minutes. In turn, with VPN service on MacBook for Monterey, Catalina you will be able to browse even geo-restricted websites. VeePN in particular is regarded as the best VPN app for a reason.

When you are abroad, you will very likely use public Wi-Fi, for example, in your hotel, restaurant, airport, etc. This is why VPN as an effective tool for security is a must-have when you are in another country. Aside from having the possibility to access any content, you will be able to stay protected from hackers.

Google Maps

When you travel to a new country, Google Maps is one of the must-have travel apps to be on your gadget. With this tool, you will not get lost and you will be able to explore unknown places. Google Maps offers a set of useful features such as traffic updates, public transport, city tours with 360-degree street views, voice step-by-step GPS navigation, and many more. The best part is that Good Maps is available both for iPhone and Android devices for free.

Google Translate

Sometimes you may require to communicate with the local population while you stay at your destination. However, what if you speak completely different languages? The best solution is to install apps for traveling to avoid language barriers. Google Translate is a standard but helpful tool for travelers. You will be able to translate 58 languages in text and hear converted phrases in 23 languages. Google Translate is free of charge and available for Android and iPhone/iPad.


Do you want to taste something special while you stay at your destination? Then, hasten to install the Foodspotting app on your iPhone, Android, Windows Phone, or Blackberry. This tool grants you the possibility to find the dishes you like the most in any restaurant.

If Foodspotting is not accessible in the country of your stay, the solution is to install a VPN extension on your device. After you familiarize yourself with any VeePN review, you will make sure this service is worth your trust. Access any content and apps within minutes no matter where you are.


As a rule, traveling always implies expenses. If you want to simply organize finances, follow a travel budget, and track expenses while you are at your destination, you can install the Mint tool. This is one of the best travel apps for users who value safety and security. The Mint instrument is a “read-only” service which implies there is no possibility to move funds between accounts. The application is free for Android and iPhone/iPad.


If you have a limited budget, there is a need to find ways to save on travel. One of the options is to lower your accommodation costs. If living with unknown people in a new country does not scare you, the Couchsurfing application will be useful for you. With this tool, you will be able to connect with locals who can offer space in their homes for travelers to stay without payment.

As the app’s title implies, accommodation will not be something special. Nevertheless, Couchsurfing is one of the must-have travel apps for those who want to keep their budget safe and sound. Moreover, you will have a great opportunity to learn more about the destination from locals who actually live there.

WhatsApp Messenger

When you are abroad, it is necessary to stay in touch with relatives, friends, colleagues, etc. Who knows maybe you want to send a beautiful picture, discuss a working moment, or simply chat. For this, you can make use of WhatsApp Messenger. It provides you with the opportunity to exchange real-time messages without the need to pay for SMS.

Your task is to connect to Wi-Fi or 3G to use WhatsApp Messenger features. It will not be redundant to take advantage of VPN as a good tool for security to make your communication protected. WhatsApp Messenger is available for iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Nokia, and Windows phones.


The advantages of traveling are limitless from the opportunity to discover new places to simply having a rest. Although you should spend some time preparing for a trip, there is a way to make this process simpler.

The best solution is to install apps for traveling. The above-discussed tools and instruments will surely be helpful before you depart and while you stay at your destination.

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