Things to Do in Myrtle Beach for Adults: Beyond the Sand and Surf!

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things to do in myrtle beach for adults

Welcome, travel enthusiast! Think Myrtle Beach is all about kids building sandcastles and family picnics? Think again! As the waves crash on the shoreline, another world of adult fun unfolds just beyond the horizon. Let’s dive deep into this enthralling world.


  • Myrtle Beach attracted a whopping 19 million visitors in 2019.
  • It boasts over 100 golf courses and is a paradise for golf lovers.
  • The nightlife, dining scene, and leisure activities cater wonderfully to the adult crowd.

Myrtle Beach: The Adult’s Playground

According to the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce, a staggering 19 million people graced this coastal wonder in 2019. With such numbers, it’s evident that there’s more than just sandy toes and sunburns here. If you’re an adult seeking the thrill, charm, or simply a break, Myrtle Beach has got your back!

Golf: More Than Just a Game

Here’s an impressive fact: Myrtle Beach shelters over 100 golf courses. That’s right, it’s not just about the beach; it’s a golfer’s haven. From the casual player to the enthusiast, everyone’s swing finds its rhythm here. And did we mention the “World Amateur Handicap Championship“? If you’re into golf, this is your world stage!

Nightlife and Dining: Dance the Night Away!

Stephen Greene, the former President and CEO of the Myrtle Beach Area Chamber of Commerce once said, “Myrtle Beach is not just a family destination. From the beautiful beaches to the vibrant nightlife, there is something for every adult to enjoy.” And he wasn’t joking! From upscale lounges to beachside bars, the nightlife here promises endless memories. Pair that with a range of fine dining to street food options, and you’re in for a treat!

Hidden Gems: Kevin’s Personal Tips

Our seasoned traveler, Kevin Erickson, spills the beans on some lesser-known spots and activities:

  • The Art Museum: It’s not all sun and surf. Delve into the world of art and culture at Myrtle Beach’s local art museum.
  • Brookgreen Gardens: A romantic spot perfect for couples. Don’t miss the sculpture garden!
  • La Belle Amie Vineyard: Wine tasting in Myrtle Beach? Absolutely!

Adventure Activities: Get That Adrenaline Pumping

If you think Myrtle Beach is just about lounging by the sea, you’re in for a surprise! The adventure enthusiasts among you have a host of activities to choose from. Parasailing is an unbeatable way to get a bird’s eye view of the beach. With the wind in your hair and the vast expanse of the ocean below, it’s an experience you won’t soon forget.

For those who prefer to stay closer to the water, jet skiing in the waves can be a thrilling endeavor. Feel the power of the machine as you zip through the waves, leaving a trail of white foam in your wake. If you’re not one for machines, kayaking offers a serene yet exciting way to explore the numerous waterways and inlets around Myrtle Beach. Nature lovers can often spot dolphins, herons, and other wildlife during their paddling adventures.

Spa Days: Relaxation at Its Finest

After all the adventure, there’s nothing like a day of pampering to rejuvenate your senses. Myrtle Beach boasts a range of upscale spas where you can indulge in massages, facials, and various therapeutic treatments. The unique sea-inspired therapies, using sea salt and seaweed, are a must-try. Whether you opt for a solo relaxation day or a couples massage, you’re bound to emerge revitalized.

Conclusion: A Paradise Awaits

Myrtle Beach is not just a destination; it’s an emotion, an experience that leaves you asking for more. From the golfer to the party lover, from the foodie to the art enthusiast, there’s a piece of Myrtle Beach for every adult.


Is Myrtle Beach only suitable for family vacations?

No, Myrtle Beach offers a plethora of activities tailored for adults from golfing, nightlife, dining experiences, and more.

How many golf courses does Myrtle Beach have?

Myrtle Beach boasts of over 100 golf courses, catering to players of all skill levels.

Is the nightlife in Myrtle Beach good?

Definitely! The nightlife in Myrtle Beach is vibrant with numerous bars, clubs, and entertainment venues.

Are there any hidden gems in Myrtle Beach that most tourists don’t know about?

Yes, spots like the Art Museum, Brookgreen Gardens, and La Belle Amie Vineyard are among the lesser-known attractions but are worth a visit.

Is Myrtle Beach expensive for tourists?

Like any popular destination, Myrtle Beach has a range of options catering to budget travelers as well as luxury seekers.


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