Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 28-Inch Checked Luggage Review

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Kenneth Cole is known for its chic and elegant luggage with a price tag that won’t break the bank. The brand’s Reaction Out of Bounds 28-inch checked piece is no different, offering a number of top-notch features and a variety of colors to choose from.

In this review, we’ve taken a closer look at some of the most important aspects of this suitcase, such as its durability, moveability, value, and more, to help you ensure that you won’t be trading quality for a lower price.

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Our score: 68/100

Dimensions & Weight


Materials & Water-Resistance















CJ Consumer Score: 73/100

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The Good

  • Lightweight and compact to meet airline requirements
  • Durable hardside shell with reinforced molded corners
  • Vibrant, modern designs in a wide range of colors

The Bad

  • Flimsy wheels and zippers that may break easily
  • Its limited warranty does not cover most forms of damage
  • Few interior compartments for less than optimal packing

Quick Take

If you’re someone who only travels a handful of times in a year, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 28-inch suitcase is a great choice. It’s lightweight, yet durable and available in a wide range of striking colors. The interior offers a decent amount of packing space and spacious compartments to help you organize your items appropriately.

Unfortunately, some of the suitcase’s components are not of great quality, so extra care should be taken with the wheels and zippers to avoid premature breakage. To add to this, the manufacturer’s warranty is not very comprehensive, so it would be wise to use additional measures to extend the lifespan of this luggage and get the most value for money from your purchase.

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Dimensions & Weight (9/10)

This 28-inch suitcase fits within most airlines’ preferred dimensions of 62 linear inches, coming in at 29.5 x 20.5 x 11.75 inches (74.9 x 52.1 x 29.8. cm). While the luggage brand claims that you will benefit from inner packing dimensions of 28 x 19.5 x 9.5 inches (71.1 x 49.5 x 24.1 cm), some customers have complained that this was not the case when they received their suitcase, so it’s important to be mindful of this issue if an additional inch or two is absolutely necessary to meet your packing needs.

The average weight of a large checked hardside suitcase is well over 10lbs (4.5 kg), but because of the lightweight material the Reaction Out of Bounds is made from, it weighs only 9.6 lbs (4.4kg) when empty. This is excellent news if you struggle to remain within the weight limits imposed by airlines since you’ll have a little more leeway to work with.

Materials & Water-Resistance (10/15)

One of the reasons Kenneth Cole is able to keep the price of the Reaction Out of Bounds so low is that it is made out of ABS, which is one of the cheaper materials that hardside suitcases can be manufactured from. The material is fairly resistant to scuff marks, allowing you to maintain the aesthetic appeal of your luggage for far longer.

ABS is also very lightweight and completely waterproof, however, it is far more rigid than materials like polycarbonate, which makes it slightly more prone to cracking. However, this shouldn’t be too much of a concern with this particular model as the brand claims to have used a more flexible version of ABS. Since there have been very few customer complaints about the shell breaking, it’s safe to say that the manufacturer’s promise rings true. Your own experience with the suitcase will depend on the level of care you take while handling it.

Durability (13/20)

Since ABS isn’t often praised for its durability, it’s pleasantly surprising to see how many customers have remarked on this particular suitcase’s tough exterior and long lifespan. This could be attributed to the additional reinforcements in each corner of the suitcase, as they act as shock absorbers for any knocks taken while the bag is in transit.

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While there has been minimal dissatisfaction with the outer shell, a number of customers have mentioned issues with the smaller components of the suitcase like its wheels, zippers, and screws. Many of these defects were noted to have been present at the time of delivery, so in this case, it would be wise to claim from the manufacturer’s warranty.

Moveability (8/15)

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 28-Inch Checked Luggage Review 2
The Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds is kitted with four-wheel spinners that offer 360-degree rotation for smooth movement. You’ll also be able to grab onto the retractable telescoping handle that locks in place to easily roll your bag alongside you as you stroll through the airport.
Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 28-Inch Checked Luggage Review 3
Unfortunately, the wheels are one aspect of this suitcase that have had numerous quality complaints, including reports of them jamming when the suitcase is being maneuvered or popping off during the trip. If this is something you’d like to avoid, it may be a good idea to transport the suitcase on a trolley while at the airport and refrain from rolling it on rough surfaces whenever possible. Alternatively, the suitcase can be carried using the sturdy handles on its top or side.

Additional Features (6/10)

To maintain its affordability, Kenneth Cole has had to forgo including too many additional features in order to keep manufacturing costs low. The bag is not expandable, nor are there TSA-approved locks included, however, the features that have been incorporated are of satisfactory quality.

Interior Design

Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds 28-Inch Checked Luggage Review 4
It’s clear that Kenneth Cole has put thought into the interior design of the Reaction Out of Bounds 28-inch piece. The hardshell case opens down the middle to two equally-sized compartments. One of these is zippable, while clothing in the other segment can be held down using the suitcase’s nifty elastic compression straps.
There is also an additional accessory pocket that hangs between the two compartments. Although it isn’t very big, it can be used to store priority items that you may need to access at a moment’s notice, like chargers or toiletries.

Molded Features

The molded corner guards are an excellent additional feature not often included by manufacturers of ABS suitcases. They offer extra protection to the outer shell through impact resistance.

There are also 4 molded feet attached to the side of the baggage that allows it to stand horizontally without scuffs or damage being caused to the exterior shell. This means that you can carry your suitcase by its side handle and place it down whenever necessary without worry.

Design (9/10)

Whether you’re a lover of metallics, neons, pastels, or plain finishes, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds has something for you. The level of variety on offer makes it easy to find something suitable to meet your needs – regardless of whether you are traveling for business or leisure. There are fourteen different colors to choose from depending on your personal preferences.

Most units come with black zippers and grey fabric used for the interior linings. This gives the baggage a contemporary, elegant look that isn’t spoiled by bright, contrasting colors. The aluminum handle and other black fittings also contribute to the overall aesthetic appeal of this suitcase.

Warranty (5/10)

This particular model in the Kenneth Cole range is backed by a 10-year limited warranty. While this may not be ideal, it is pretty commonplace for a baggage piece in this price range. The warranty covers damage caused by manufacturing defects, so no claims related to accidental damage, airline mishandling, or wear and tear will be entertained.

If you’re not sure whether your specific issue meets the warranty requirements, it may be best to get in touch with customer service for advice. They are available telephonically or via email at [email protected]. Unfortunately, if you wish to get the suitcase evaluated, Kenneth Cole will not cover any courier costs, so it would be best to only make use of this option if you’re 100% sure you have a valid claim.

Value (8/10)

With the Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds, you get what you pay for. Although there are no extra bells and whistles, the suitcase is durable and affordable, making it a great choice if you’re someone who travels relatively infrequently. The vast majority of people who have purchased this suitcase have been very satisfied with their choice and awarded it a 5-star rating on Amazon.

While there have been reports of some defects with some of the fittings, many of these can be addressed by taking a little bit of extra care when handling the piece or claiming from the manufacturer’s warranty where possible. Overall, with the right precautions taken, you could really get your money’s worth from the Reaction Out of Bounds.

How Does the Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds Compare to Similar Suitcases?

The Kenneth Cole Scott’s Corner

For only a few dollars more, you could opt for the 28-inch piece in the Kenneth Cole Scott's Corner range instead, however, there are a number of pros and cons to making this choice.
On the plus side, the Scott’s Corner range is made from PET and lined with tear-resistant fabric, making it the superior choice if your main concern is durability. It is also fitted with a TSA-approved lock and expands by an additional two inches if you are in need of some extra packing space.
Unfortunately, this model is nowhere near as compact and lightweight as the Reaction Out of Bounds, weighing in at 11 pounds (5 kg) and measuring 62.5 linear inches. The Scott’s Corner hardside luggage is also far more plainly designed, with only a few metallic color options to choose from.

The Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade

Although the Renegade collection is quite similarly priced to that of the Out of Bounds, it seems to be the better choice. The Renegade 28-inch is only slightly bigger and heavier but offers expandability, a wide range of elegant colors, and a superiorly designed interior. The piece also boasts a self-repairing coil zipper and ergonomically-designed telescoping handle for more comfortable use.

This model has been better received by customers, with little to no complaints about defects or durability. If you aren’t too concerned about remaining strictly within airline dimension requisites, the Renegade collection would be the obvious choice.

Full Review: Kenneth Cole Reaction Renegade 20-Inch Carry-On Review

Heritage Travelware Lincoln Park

If you struggle to pack lightly, the Heritage Travelware Lincoln Park may offer more value to you than the Reaction Out of Bounds will. The exterior is similarly designed, however, the Lincoln Park is far more spacious, offering zippable compartments on both sides and a large mesh segment for easy access.
Unfortunately, the extra space offered by the Lincoln Park does make it slightly exceed airline dimension preferences. You’ll also have a much smaller and more plain range of colors to choose from, although this may not necessarily be a dealbreaker if your luggage is intended for business use.


Our Verdict

For such a low-priced suitcase, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds has a surprising amount of value to offer. Despite being made from ABS, the hardside shell is extremely durable, offering you a lot more bang for your buck in the long run. The piece boasts a contemporary exterior design in a wide variety of beautiful colors and a satisfactory interior packing space too.

You may have to take extra care with the handles, zippers, and wheels since the manufacturer’s warranty does not offer much worth and these components are known to break quite easily.

Overall, if you need a lightweight, affordable and sturdy suitcase, the Kenneth Cole Reaction Out of Bounds is an excellent choice.

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