Ricardo Beverly Hills vs Samsonite Luggage

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Ricardo Beverly Hills and Samsonite have often been compared by travelers because they offer a similar range of suitcases. Samsonite has been around for a long time and their quality luggage is a great favorite of airline employees and seasoned travelers alike. Nevertheless, Ricardo Beverly Hills has been making a name for itself in terms of durability, quality, and luggage design. This debate has caused people to compare and contrast Ricardo Beverly Hills vs. Samsonite with the ultimate question—which one is better?

This article will discuss the similarities and differences between Ricardo Beverly Hills and Samsonite. You’ll get to find out a little more about each brand. You’ll learn about which one is more durable, which one offers a better warranty, and which one has more features. This article will also guide you in choosing which brand you should go with for your next trip.

A Brief Summary About Ricardo Beverly Hills

Ricardo Beverly Hills is a small luggage company as compared to other more well-known brands that manufacture travel gear. Nevertheless, through the years, they have made a name for themselves especially in terms of great fashionable designs and affordable luggage.

They make various travel gear, including suitcases, backpacks, toiletry bags, packing organizers, and even garment bags. They are also known for their great warranty and high-end durable materials.

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A Brief Summary About Samsonite

Samsonite has been around for more than a hundred years and is an established brand in the travel industry. They have various suitcases and travel gear to choose from, though they have rather limited features except on their premium models. They are one of the leading manufacturers of luggage that are sold all over the world through retailers.

Samsonite has also modified its luggage through the years to become the most sustainable luggage brand. They are known for their great customer support, and while they are more expensive than other luggage brands, their brand is known as the luggage that lasts a lifetime.

Which Brand Is More Durable – Ricardo Beverly Hills or Samsonite?

Samsonite is more known in terms of durability. People who bought their luggage some ten or twenty years ago still use it to this day. Samsonite’s hardside luggage is made of polycarbonate or textured ABS (a material that is more affordable and flexible than polycarbonate) while their softside luggage is usually made up of water-resistant fabric, like ballistic nylon, or covered with a water-resistant coating.

Ricardo Beverly Hills’ older luggage models had some durability issues, such as torn zippers and broken spinner wheels. Nevertheless, the brand has revamped its newer models with improved durability. Their hardside luggage is mostly made of polycarbonate while their softside luggage is made of polyester (a fabric that is water- and abrasion-resistant) or Dreamfel fabric (a fabric that is eco-conscious and more lightweight and durable than polyester).

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Does Samsonite Offer a Better Warranty Than Ricardo Beverly Hills?

Samsonite’s products come with a 3-10 year warranty, depending on the type and model. It covers manufacturing defects and faulty materials but does not cover any wear and tear that happens over the course of your travels. You will also have to take your luggage to a Samsonite retailer and pay to have them send it to you or ship it yourself. Nevertheless, Samsonite is known for its excellent customer service and they have also been known to fix things even if they aren’t under warranty.

Ricardo Beverly Hills’ products, on the other hand, come with a 10-year warranty that covers manufacturer defects and faulty materials. When you buy their luggage, it also comes with a limited warranty that can replace zippers and seams that wear out over time. If your luggage is still under warranty and you discover some defects, you may even have it fixed or replaced for free. Nevertheless, Ricardo Beverly Hills isn’t too well known for having great customer service. Some people have even said that they are unfriendly and unhelpful.

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Which Brand Is More Innovative and Offers Better Features?

When it comes to design, this is a solid strength of the Ricardo Beverly Hills luggage. They have everything you could possibly need for travel and more, making your trip easier by helping you to pack smarter. They have pockets for everything and high-end features in almost every model. They also have waterproof pouches, mesh-zippered pockets, and toiletry bags. They also have premium features no matter what model of luggage you get, such as spinner wheels and expandable zippers. If you’re looking for fun, elegant fashion with various textures, colors, and high-end features, Ricardo Beverly Hills is the brand to go to.

Samsonite’s luggage, on the other hand, doesn’t have a whole bunch of extra features on all their luggage. Nevertheless, their more premium models come with several fancy features, such as cords that go from the outside to the inside to change batteries, expandable zippers, and retractable handles with 8 stopping points. They have nice, sleek professional-looking softside luggage, which might be considered conservative to the point of boring, but their hardside luggage comes with a variety of colors and textures. The best thing about Samsonite luggage is that they have integrated TSA locks on most of their hardside luggage and even some on their softside luggage.

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Conclusion: Which Brand Should You Choose – Ricardo or Samsonite?

Now that you know a bit of the similarities and differences between these two luggage brands, which one should you choose?

In terms of reliability and customer support, Samsonite is clearly the winner. By going with Samsonite, you really can’t go wrong – you’ll purchase a well-made and reliable suitcase that isn’t too overpriced. That said, Ricardo Beverly Hills suitcases aren’t that far off either. While they aren’t as reliable, they’re still a very solid choice. This is reflected in our rating – we’ve compared all of the most popular luggage brands, and while Samsonite gained 5th place with 85 points, Ricardo wasn’t that far off, gaining 82 points and 8th place.

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Best Suitcases From Samsonite and Ricardo Beverly Hills

Best Carry-on From Ricardo: Mar Vista 17-Inch Carry-On

Ricardo Beverly Hills vs Samsonite Luggage 1Currently, Ricardo Beverly Hills’ most popular carry-on suitcase is the Mar Vista Softside Luggage, and with good reason, too. This luggage features four upright spinner wheels that spin in any direction, making it easy to pull or push. Its carry handles are padded so that you can grasp it and carry your bag comfortably, and its retractable handle locks in several stages so you can adjust it to the height that works best for you.

The Mar Vista luggage is made of polyester material with a beautiful paisley print that makes it easy to spot. It also comes with mesh pockets inside where you can store undergarments or small items. There is also a fully-zipped suiter compartment where you can keep clothes that are delicate or wrinkle easily. It is lightweight, easy to handle, and an ideal carry-on for almost any trip.

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Best Carry-on From Samsonite: Winfield 2 Hardside Carry-On

Ricardo Beverly Hills vs Samsonite Luggage 2If you’re looking for something sleek, stylish, and luxurious, Samsonite’s Winfield 2 carry-on might be just the one for you. It is made of 100% polycarbonate material, making it light and easy to carry. With its brushed pattern on the exterior, it can easily hide scuffs and scratches, and its flexibility makes it more than capable of absorbing impact. It can be easily wiped, thanks to its glossy surface. It also comes in various colors for you to choose from.

Inside, it has several pockets to help you organize your things and a cross-strap to keep your clothes in place. Its square design maximizes the interior capacity and makes it ideal for heavy packers. The Winfield 2 also comes with a TSA-approved lock.

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Best Checked Suitcase From Ricardo: Ocean Drive 29-Inch

Ricardo Beverly Hills vs Samsonite Luggage 3The Ocean Drive Collection of Ricardo Beverly Hills is one of their best suitcases, with its lightweight, hardshell spinner features. It comes in three different sizes, two of which (the 25” and 29”) can be checked in.

They are made of Makrolon polycarbonate construction, a material that is both lightweight and durable. The suitcase comes with a TSA-approved sentinel lock and features dual spinner wheels to make pulling/pushing your luggage much easier. It has a retractable handle with multi-stages and top and side carry handles.

Inside the Ocean Drive suitcase are two separate compartments where you can store your clothes and other belongings. The luggage also comes with a water-resistant pouch for toiletries and other items and a built-in suiter and anti-wrinkle bar.

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Best Checked Suitcase From Samsonite: Etude 30-Inch

Ricardo Beverly Hills vs Samsonite Luggage 4The Samsonite Etude is a great option if you’re looking for checked luggage that is light and durable. It is made from Makrolon Polycarbonate which is durable and bends upon impact but doesn’t break immediately. It comes with double spinner wheels to help you maneuver your luggage with no difficulty at all. The best thing about the telescopic wheel handle is that it is outside of the suitcase, meaning you don’t have to worry about it inside the main compartment, which can be annoying when you’re packing and want the back of your luggage to be flat.

The Etude gives you a lot of space with its two packing compartments. One compartment has a floating divider while the other has a full panel zippered divider. This makes it easy to pack your things and helps you become organized when you arrange your items too. You can also remove the floating divider while you are packing and then just reattach it again when you’re done.

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