TUMI 19 Degree 22-Inch Carry-On Review

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The Tumi 19 Degree carry-on is one of the most durable hardside suitcases on the market. It’s packed with useful features, its wheels roll extremely smoothly, and it looks really good.

In this Tumi 19 Degree 22-inch carry-on review, we’ll find out if it’s worth its high price tag. We’ll find out how durable it is, what materials it’s made from, how good its warranty is, and we’ll compare it to suitcases from brands like Delsey and Briggs & Riley.

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Our score: 82/100

Dimensions & Weight


Materials & Water-Resistance















CJ Consumer Score: 88/100

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The Good

  • Extremely durable
  • Smooth-rolling wheels
  • Comes with a lot of useful features
  • Good looks

The Bad

  • Somewhat heavy
  • Not enough packing space
  • Overpriced
  • Not the greatest warranty terms

Quick Take

The Tumi 19 Degree 22-inch carry-on is a very durable and beautiful suitcase. It comes with a great set of double spinner wheels, and it has several features both on the inside and the outside of the bag. However, like other Tumi suitcases, the 19 Degree is overpriced, and its warranty isn’t the greatest out there. It’s also heavier than most hardside carry-ons, and its packing space is below-par.

It’s a great option for business travelers who don’t mind spending more on a luxurious brand. However, at a much lower price, you can get similarly durable suitcases from Briggs & Riley (Sympatico hardside carry-on) or Travelpro (Platinum Elite hardside carry-on) that come with better warranty terms and similar features.

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Full Review

Dimensions & Weight (7/10)

The 19 Degree carry-on measures 21.8 x 14 x 9 inches (55 x 35.5 x 23 cm), which is within the most common airline restriction (22 x 14 x 9 inches). The suitcase is also expandable, meaning you can have an extra two inches of depth. However, some customers complained that they had to check their 19 Degree carry-ons when they were expanded, so remember not to overpack to avoid any issues with the carry-on restrictions.

Its tight packing space was criticized by many customers. Most reviews mentioned that you could fit around 3-4 days of clothing inside the 19 Degree, which isn’t a lot even for business travelers. Some customers stated that they couldn’t fit more than 1-2 days of clothing inside.

Another downside of the 19 Degree carry-on is its weight. The bag weighs 7.8 lbs (3.53 kg), which, according to our research, is slightly over the average weight for polycarbonate carry-ons (7.30 lbs). It’s also a pound heavier than the average weight of hardside carry-ons. This won’t only be an issue when you have to carry the suitcase; it might not pass the strict weight limits of European flights (15 – 22 lbs), even though the bag is made for international flights.

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Materials & Water-Resistance (14/15)

The Tumi 19 Degree carry-on is made from polycarbonate. Polycarbonate is the heaviest plastic used in hardside suitcases, which explains why the bag is overweight. Despite being the heaviest plastic, it’s the most durable one while also being flexible.

The only material used in hardside suitcases that surpasses polycarbonate in durability is aluminum. The good news is that you can also get the Tumi 19 Degree in an aluminum version, which is much more durable, only weighs, and costs more.

The retractable handle on the suitcase is made from aluminum, and the interior lining is coated with an antibacterial coating.

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Hardside suitcases are water-resistant, which is true for the 19 Degree. Though, it’s not waterproof since water can seep through the seams. Our experience has shown us that hardside suitcases can keep your belongings dry even in moderate rain; however, don’t expect them to still be dry after a tropical thunderstorm.

Durability (18/20)

Tumi is well-known for having very durable suitcases – which is also the case with the 19 Degree carry-on. Despite being made from polycarbonate, the bag’s case has received some criticism. Most complaints were targeted towards the bag being prone to scratches. Every hardside suitcase will get a few scratches at some point, though customers said that the Tumi bag had visible scratches after the first few trips. We also found some complaints about several chips and dents within the first year of the bag’s lifetime.

Thankfully, the criticism ends there. The remaining aspects of the 19 Degree suitcase are very durable, and we didn’t find any complaints about them. We usually find some reviews mentioning broken wheels and flimsy retractable handles, but Tumi did a great job in those two parts. The zippers are also sturdy due to their design, which allows the zipper pull to detach from the head when it gets stuck.

Overall, despite some issues with the case’s durability, the Tumi 19 Degree carry-on is very durable.

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Moveability (13/15)

The 19 Degree carry-on comes with four double spinner wheels, which are an amazing choice for business travelers. They usually spend their time in airports or main roads, where the 19 Degree’s wheels will roll smoothly. The wheels are plastic, so they won’t be as quiet as rubber ones, and they won’t roll as effortlessly. However, double spinners are still the way to go when you need to catch a flight or attend a business meeting.

In comparison, inline wheels are a better choice for someone visiting remote places with lots of dirt roads. The same is true for old cobblestone European roads. In both cases, spinner wheels tend to get stuck in the cobblestone or the dirt while the inline wheels roll smoothly through them. Rollaboard suitcases also have more space inside compared to spinner wheel ones.

The 19 Degree suitcase also comes with a few handles. Apart from the retractable handle, which can lock at three different heights, there’s also one handle on the top and one on the rear of the bag. However, there’s no bottom handle, which will make it difficult to lift the bag to the overhead bin for anyone suffering from back problems.

Additional Features (10/10)

Like most Tumi suitcases, the 19 Degree carry-on comes with a few additional features usually found in similarly-priced suitcases.

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The suitcase comes with an integrated TSA-approved lock. This allows the TSA to safely check your bag without having to rip through the zippers by using a unique key. It also adds some additional security to the suitcase.

The bag also features a USB port, which is essential for business travelers since they need to stay connected while they’re on the go. However, a power bank isn’t included, so you’ll have to buy one beforehand.

TUMI 19 Degree 22-Inch Carry-On Review 1

The 19 Degree has several internal packing options, which is great to see. There are three zippered pockets in total and compression straps that should keep your bulkier belongings nice and tight. The carry-on is also expandable, so you could fit even more clothes.

The last key feature of the suitcase is the Tumi Tracer, which is present in every Tumi bag. Once you’ve registered the 20-digit code found on the tracer, Tumi will be able to track your suitcase down and locate any lost belongings or the bag itself.

Design (8/10)

Even though most business carry-ons don’t feature great designs, the Tumi 19 Degree is an exception. We love the case’s pattern, mainly because it’s not a print – it’s 3D! Many customers also mentioned that the bag has a glossy finish, which adds to its elegance.

The best thing about the carry-on’s design is that it comes in different colors. According to the Tumi website, you can buy it in blue, black, silver, and pink. It’s one of the only business suitcases we’ve found that comes in pink, so that’s a huge plus. Who says you can’t be classy while rocking a pink suitcase?

Warranty (8/10)

The Tumi 19 Degree carry-on is covered by Tumi’s 5-year warranty. For the first year, your suitcase is covered by a worry-free warranty. This means that any damage that’s not considered “owner abuse”, including airline handling damage, is covered, much like Briggs & Riley’s worry-free warranty. Tumi will also cover any shipping costs from and to the repair center. You’ll get a limited warranty for the next four years, which only covers manufacturing defects and any regular wear.

The only real problem with the warranty is that you’ll need to keep your receipt as proof of purchase. Otherwise, Tumi won’t accept your warranty claim. They’ll also provide you with great discounts on repairs once the 5-year period is over.

While these terms are good on paper, it’s worth noting that Travelpro and Briggs & Riley offer lifetime warranties, despite costing half the price of a Tumi suitcase.

Value (4/10)

Even though the Tumi 19 Degree is a quality carry-on, it’s overpriced. Most Tumi bags are usually sold for higher prices than similar counterparts from other brands because Tumi is considered a luxury brand. So, you’ll have to pay extra just for the Tumi logo on your suitcase.

That being said, the suitcase is well-reviewed, so it’s safe to say that there’s some value in getting it. However, as we mention below, many more affordable alternatives offer the same, if not better, features.

How Does the Tumi 19 Degree Compare to Similar Suitcases?

The Tumi 19 Degree is similar to two Tumi bags: the Tumi Latitude 22-inch carry-on and the Tumi Tegra Lite Max carry-on.

The Latitude is the most affordable and lightest of the three bags, while it’s also the least durable one because it’s made from polypropylene. The Tegra Lite Max is made of a polypropylene composite, known as Tegris, which is more durable than Latitude’s SRPP. However, the 19 Degree is the most durable since it’s the only one made from polycarbonate. All three Tumi suitcases have similar wheels and features, as well as identical warranties. So, if you’re looking for the best value, you should opt for the Latitude; otherwise, the 19 Degree is your best bet.

A couple of carry-ons from other brands stood out as better alternatives to the 19 Degree: the Briggs & Riley Sympatico and the Delsey Chatelet.

The Sympatico is amongst the best polycarbonate suitcases on the market. Every aspect of it is very durable, it comes with Briggs & Riley’s lifetime worry-free warranty, and its customers adore it. On top of that, you can get it for less than the 19 Degree, with Sympatico’s only flaw being that it weighs a little bit more than the Tumi bag.

The Chatelet is very similar to the 19 Degree. Both bags look stunning, and they have the same durability. Delsey’s suitcase comes with rubber wheels, which roll more smoothly and are more silent, and its internal packing features are slightly different from those of the Tumi bag. Their main difference is that the Chatelet costs half the 19 Degree, despite being practically the same.

Our Verdict

The Tumi 19 Degree 22-inch carry-on is an excellent choice for business travelers who want a stylish and durable bag full of features. It should last for tons of trips over many years. However, there are better options out there, with our favorite being the Delsey Chatelet because it costs much less while being remarkably similar to the 19 Degree.

Overall, if you’re a business traveler who wants a suitcase that will last for at least a decade, the Tumi 19 Degree is perfect.

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